take take take

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  1. what could he take from you
    what did he take from you
    he broke you
    he tore you to pieces
    he left you on the ground
    you felt dirty
    you felt used
    you felt everything
    that you thought
    you would never feel
    you couldn't move
    you couldn't leave
    you wanted to
    you needed to
    but you were pinned to the ground
    by a force unseen
    his words
    whirled around in your head
    false promises
    lies all lies
    but you couldn't see
    all you could see
    was what he wanted you to see
    the truth
    was shattered
    and you
    lay broken
    on the bathroom floor
    dazed and confused
    but not only by alcohol
    intoxicated by his words
    words to dry your tears
    telling you that you're beautiful
    stroking your cheek
    and saying, "shush, don't cry"
    he seemed genuine
    so you let him in
    you let him touch you
    but he said things
    that just didn't fit
    and you knew you should leave
    get the hell out of there
    but you couldn't
    a part of you didn't want to
    something held you back
    so you lay there naked
    on the tiled bathroom floor
    exposed to a drunken stranger
    who had no right
    to touch you
    to rip you apart
    to steal your innocence
    to stick his fingers inside you
    he had no right
    to continue
    even when you said no
    and pulled away
    trying so desperately
    to hang on to your last shred of innocence
    he took something
    from you
    something that you can never get back
    why did this happen
    to you of all people?
    you're a smart girl
    you should have known better
    you should have maintained control
    shouldn't you?
    but that's the thing
    you could have made different choices
    but in the end
    he would have done it to someone
    and he's done it before
    to other girls
    a crime of opportunity
    and he doesn't give a shit
    he's an asshole
    and he's only one of many
    he hurt you
    and he probably doesn't even remember you
    but the problem is
    you just can't get him out of your head
    you see him
    as a figment of your imagination
    you see him
    at certain places
    that trigger memories
    you see him
    and you wonder
    who can be trusted
    he seemed like a nice guy
    how could you have known
    what he was capable of?
    you trust too much
    too many people
    too many guys
    who don't deserve your trust
    guys who have only one thing in mind
    all they want
    and all they ever do
    take take take.
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