Take your hatred out on me

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    Family are not supposed to do that! I awoke to the screaming of adoptive mother because her fuckin phone was unplugged and she couldn't use it. Screaming at me because of the problem she was unable to see, taking her anger out on me..... and there behind her was her evil fuckin son looking at me with anger stare and god knows if he yelled at me too I don't re-fucking-member! God what did I do? I was adopted at the age of 3, by that woman. For everything I have to deal with these days and during my life w/ her I'd have prefered a fucking orphange I guess. Her son gets so mad when I don't do exactly what he wants...... and now that I think of it her son is the same fucking way she is. The nut never falls far from the tree. I have been screamed awake before this recent incident, by either her or him.... I do my best not to remember though, if I can't forget I'll kill them next time it happens. They'll never fucking stop torturing me. I'll lose control. I need to get away from them asap.
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    Getting away is far better than killing them. If they treat you like shit then get out as fast as you can into a life that feels better and stick two fingers up on the way out. If they are not going to show you compassion then it is their own vice and they will learn what they have lost after they have lost it.
    You don't even need to hate them, just pity them for thier lack of control and stupidity. It's all about making choices and I can only assume that what they are putting you through is not doing you any good so examine the other options very closely and see what you learn.