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taking care of myself while im depressed

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does anyone else not bother to take proper care of themselves when theyre feeling low?

ive just spent over an hour with my sister brushing my hair bcos i just havnt been bothered to do it for about a week, it was completly matted and really gross :dry: i probably wouldnt have done it even now if we hadnt been going out for my dads birthday tonight

i havnt had a good week :sad:


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:hug: that's specially for the bad week.
I try to take care of myself, but I understand it can sometimes not really matter.
I hope you have a good time with your dad.


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:hug: sorry u are having a bad week Bunny
It's so easy to let our standards slip when we are depressed
I think there would be few people here who if they were being entirely honest
wouldn't admit to having days when it was all just too much effort???
I know I've had them!

Hope you feel better soon :hug:


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Maybe you should ask who is still able to take care of themselves. When I get depressed, I get so careless I even stop eating at times. Then I have to hear from my wife, "why are you not eating?" Then I just get more depressed...blah blah blah.....in a circle it goes.
know that feeling. get so sick of people telling me they want to "tidy me up a bit" its like argh at least i got out of bed today isnt that enough. have to be reminded a lot to eat as well oops. it just somehow doesnt seem important :huh:
I have had problems taking proper care of myself too, and I am ..always.. depressed. :( Sorry thar it effects you badly too. If you want to talk, message me on yahoo hun. :hug: But I understand what you are saying indeed. :hug: :hug:


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Awww Bunny hope you feel better soon.

As to not looking after self, went a week without washing or even cleaning my teeth...it wasn't good!!!

Glad to say have washed hair, had a bath and scraped the barnacles off my teeth and feel sooooo much better. :laugh:

To cheer the bun :harp: :bunny: :bunny: :bunny: :bunny:


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I seem to just leave myself a lot of the time, food, washing, everything seems like so much effort and so futile that i just want to give up... should do your best to keep going though, i'm having a shower tongiht, i have no choice, i'm going to make myself, only way i can, have to try and switch off all reasoning and just walk.
i havent slept for 72 hours...

feel kinda ill now. when i get depressed i have no motivation at all. i like to take a break and stop breathing every now and then.

dont have the enthusiasm to make any thing to eat. hungry, tired, lonley. stopped
:hug: :hug: Bunny

Sorry to hear you're having a bad week .... hope things look up for you soon :)

Remember that we're all here for you :) :hug:

Take care

i've got an addition to my previous post here: I've been so depressed this week, I COMPLETELY forgot yesterday was our (my wife and i) 3rd anniversary.
She had to remind me yesterday evening. I felt so stupid. I'm trying to get some flowers sent to her today to make up. Depression sucks!
:hug: bunny.... bunny.. bunny...

I envy you!!!! I swear to god if I could stay home for just one day I would look like the biggest slob on earth (Not saying you are or anything! lol this is just me) As I'm sitting here, not eaten, and not moved from this chair in hours... when I feel depressed or what ever I spend as much time as possible in this chair in front of my computer. and half the time I'm not even talking to anyone.

I'm sorry you've had a rough week :hug: I can certainly relate with that as mines sucked as well. but I hope your weekend/next week (and everyweek after) are better. You certainly deserve it

:hug: bunny bunz bunz :biggrin:


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I completely understand the loss of energy or motivation. For me it's like everything is grey.. no color anywhere. No reason to move or go about the functions of life because I just feel so dead inside. My conscious nags me to shower and clean up the apartment and make phone calls and etc, etc.. and I wonder.. "what for?" or "whats the point?" and my other favorite, "It doesn't matter anyway." Though I dimly remember it used to matter.

:hug: Wishing you a speedy recovery.
i havent slept for 72 hours...

feel kinda ill now. when i get depressed i have no motivation at all. i like to take a break and stop breathing every now and then.

dont have the enthusiasm to make any thing to eat. hungry, tired, lonley. stopped
i went 112 hours in the end!


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when I'm down, showering, brushing teeth, cleaning up, flossing, etc. all get done much less. Also, big piles of clothes tend to accumulate that i don't know what to do with. And I end up falling asleep without changing or anything.
Definitely. I think most of us have had that problem. Everything takes so much more effort than it should, then you have to give, so it just doesn't get done. My OCD keeps me from getting too grungy personally, but I definitely am unable to expend the usual amount of energy that I would. Funny thing is, for me at least, I'll feed the dog but forget to feed myself. Cleanliness not a problem but eating normally, def. an issue. Depression takes that turn where you feel like you're just sort of missing the point of, well, everything, and cleaning, eating, etc falls right into that everything category right quick.

I'm sorry you're having an awful week. I'll send thoughts of energy and hopefullness your way. You can make it through. You can. My wee bunny (he's a sassy little rex dwarf) says to tell you that alfalfa always makes him feel better and that baths are overrated. ::hugs::
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