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Taking risks

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Long story short it's hard to find a doctor who can look past the MH issues stamped on my file. Prior to my melt-down I had physical health issues. Since what happened they've gotten some what worse (the health problems) & I know they'll be an issue with my participation in endurance competitions (mostly running & rowing).

Is it considered self-destructive if I know the risks & still continue to push myself as hard I would if I had a doctor to monitor my health? I know the risks could be...bad, but I'm willing to take them. Competing is my life. Its what I do. Its how people know me.


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Most athletic types are prone to pushing themselves that extra bit. And I know no amount of words from a couch potatoe is going to stop you. I would lean toward getting a medical opinion but I know what you mean about the MH label. You know your own body better than anyone else. Do you think you will be able to let up or stop completely if your body was telling you to? I know lots of people have a high tolerence to pain and when you are competing the adreneline is pumping and can often mask the pain. But I think if you can keep your mind open to what your body is trying to tell you then go for it. If you have a passion in life then pursue it. Especially if it helps to thwart the deperssion and or suicidal thoughts.


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I've read articles on athletes who do the ultramarathons (usually 100+miles or anywhere over the regular distance). They dont stop even when they break limbs...and when I hear that I think there's nothing wrong with that because I know the feeling they get.

Would I stop if something felt wrong? Probably not. Why not? I have no idea. I just wouldnt. I'm not sure I would know where to draw the line.

Thats why I want to know if others would see that as self destructive? Is it just a passionate athlete giving everything they have or is it destruction.

I know the risks are there but I'm not sure I would know to stop before its too late. I get hyper focused when I compete and even when I train.


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i am preatty shure your choice will be the best one but my observation is if ur on a suicide site you may be doing it in a self destructive manner

My little experience with competitive performance is people become psychotic from a point on since its a beyond the limits experience, like u know u r lieving your life/health/being to nature not ur will. Yes adrenaline numbs alot and maybe that is what u r seeking. Recently i became against this stuff looks like any abuse, but thats my choice. Life is made of many things.
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