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  1. Does anyone ever take things that people say the wrong way? It's been this way my entire life. I may accidently misinterperate things, but that's just the way my mind works.... example:

    Mod: You're interested about jrock, so you go read about jpop. Haha, I love you man. Btw, if you want to know about jrock, you should probably write jrock in wikipedia;p
    That's what I did. This is all they have on japanese music, besides some jrock band names that will never clue me in as to how good/bad jrock really is.
    All this info on jpop is for the sake of my forum. I just thought since jpop is popular in video games & you play video games you might like jpop too.
    You don't. got it. It won't happen again
    Mod: Don't worry man, I don't want you to cry;p

    This guy is a fucking jerk. I don't know whether he's jokin or serious. In my mind I believe he is serious though so I just don't know whether to ever go to the forum he mods at again.
  2. Robin

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    To be honest I don't get it, however, people are full of misunderstandings and especially when people are depressed. Best thing to do if you like that forum is to brush yourself down and carry on, you'll only end up isolating yourself otherwise :hug:
  3. I took this as sarcasm:

    Then I took the: "don't cry" part as a major putdown.
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