Taking two antipsychotics..

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Ruby, May 18, 2008.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    Is it normal to be taking two antipsychotics at once? Has anyone been prescribed two at the same time?

    I went to see the psychiatrist and he increased the abilify I take to 30mg and put me on 400mg of seroquel a day (for sedation, apparently..). I'm also on effexor. :dry:
  2. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if that is normal or not. I've only been prescribed one anti-psychotic at a time. Are you responding well to Effexor? It didn't seem to do any good for me, I'm on Lamictal now to stabilize my mood.
  3. mortdesinos

    mortdesinos Well-Known Member

    It is normal to be on two antipsychotics, but it's unusual that they would be prescribed at the same time, because that makes it difficult to figure out which one is giving you side effects, if you are responding negatively to one or both of them. Effexor helped me a little bit. I'm on 400 mg of Seroquel now too.
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I find Effexor really helpful, probably the best antidepressant i've been on tbh.

    They were taking me off the seroquel and starting abilify but I suffered extreme agitation and was in great distress with the change and I think they concluded that I needed some sedation hence why they added the 400mg seroquel with the 30mg abilify (he increased from 20mg). To be honest, i've felt a lot better on this combination of drugs. My thoughts have calmed down a lot with the seroquel.
  5. rwillson

    rwillson Well-Known Member

    i hate and don't trust antipsychotics, it has been a long time since they have worked for me. and strangely now i react badly to every antipsychotic i am put on, even really low doses, i get real bad CNS side effects, primarily Dystonia and Akathisia but not limited to Hypoesthesia and Hyperkinesia all of which make life unbearable. i am told i can take another medication to suppress the side effects but since i react so badly i am fearful i will develop permanent side effects like secondary Parkinsonism and Tardive Dyskinesia. i have already had a few Orthostatic hypotension episodes, although i wouldn't mind a Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) episode that would just end it all...

    the flip side to the same coin is that without an antipsychotic i am quite insane most of the time, my head gives me no peace...

  6. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Most of the time I spent on anti-depressants was on two. At first I was taking Klonopin (mostly for sedation) and then one other--buspar? Was that it? I don't remember.

    When I quit, I was on Ripsodol and Zoloft. But I don't trust pills either, and I never felt like they were making me happy, just fat and tired. I fired my shrink and flushed the damn things. I'm still depressed and psychotic but at least I don't have to wait in line at the pharmacy any more.