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    i was depressed for over 4 years and my parents didnt find out until the last year i was depressed. every now and then i feel really low like i want to committ suicide but i found out that i have 1 person who i look up to and is my role model. i knew her for not even 2 weeks and i was about to committ suicide and she talked me out of it. she told me how hard her life was and showed me that i can overcome this. so thats what i want to do for all of you. i want to help everyone because i want to say that i changed someones life for the better instead of for the worse. so if anyone needs anything please email me <Mod Edit, WildCherry: personal info> ... i would be more than glad to talk or listen to anyone who needs help. everyone deserves someome to listen to them. <3 you are all beautiful and i love you all<3 :)
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    Welcome, and I hope you find this community to be warm and understanding. I'm sorry that you are dealing with depression - I know what that's like - but it is touching that you have such a wonderful compassionate person to look up to. See you around the forum, and take care.
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    thank you:)