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Talked to sister, Doc apt soon

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I am not sure if I am comfortable about going to see a doctor. It all came to a head last monday and I finally told someone about what was happening. I dont know what to do because I am tired of living, but I dont want to tell the doctor that because I am fearful of various legal ramifications if its put into my medical file.

Funny thing is that a new wife of my best friend got her friend to ok me getting her phone number for a date. I thought I talked with her for a long time, maybe over 1 1/2 hrs. Anyway, I have mixed feelings because I am not expecting her to want to talk to me again.. but my sister tells me that that is the depression talking to me. IDK, as I have basically given up on life, and expect disappointment in dating as thats all I have ever seen in my life. :irony:

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Glad you have a dr appt soon hun and i hope you get help you need to keep depression at bay. Hope you do have another date as well with this person hugs
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