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Talking to myself


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Who cares if one more light goes out,
In a sky of a million stars?It’s haunting how I can’t seem to find myself again. My walls are closing in.all I know are sad songs. Take a bunch of pills and let them take me away. I've got a heart full of pain, heart full of stress, heart full of anger held in my chest...
A part of me is slowly dying and is ready to give up while the other part is trying to stay alive and struggling to make it through another day.That stage of depression when you just can't. You're too tired.I want to be happy but it feels like my heart is crushed and I don't know how to fix it.


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This is really one of the most well written pieces I have seen. It is poetry. I love how it expresses your angst. Yes, you are one star among billions, but your light shines unique. One star in billions, and yet you are different from all of them.


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as @MosesY said you are only one light in billions @Dani24 but yours is unique. there is only 1 of you and you are a person that is you. who and what you are makes differences in this world, big or small you contribute to this world and it's people. just a smile can make someones day. you will never realize all the good you do without knowing it.

and i do understand wanting to live and wanting to die. sometimes i want to die to end the pain and most of the time i want to live to my 100th birthday. all i can say is keep fighting it is worth it. anytime you want/need to talk or vent feel free to use my inbox.



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A lotta Linkin Park in there. I usually know I'm not in the best space if I find myself listening to them a lot. Such relatable lyrics.
*hug You're not alone here.

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