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Talking with therapists can help

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I'm currently talking with my two student therapists about my problems, my dpression, my anxiety, my drinking, my lampshade (scratch that one... I just wanted to see if you were paying attention) and my problems with money. There are no real cure-alls (shucks), but it helps to talk with people who seem to understand and want to help. They seem to really like me and care. My own problem is that I always feel that people are judging me even when they are not. So sometimes I go to therapy with the unreasonable attitude that they will dissapointed in me when they see that I haven't made much progress. I finally mentioned that last night and they said that they were sorry that I felt that way and I realized that it was all me, not them. It was one more thing that I have to work on, to trust these people and to see that they are not out to get me.

It's difficult to find a therapist that you like and trust, but I think I've lucked out (for once in my life). I like talking to them, even though we usually have to talk about things that I would like to avoid. I sometimes realize that I'm telling them intimate things not because I want to be cured, but because I'm spending money on the session and I've just walked a half an hour to their office and it would be silly to lie after all that effort. At least I'm talking, though.

They would like me to quit drinking (can't say that I blame them). But they are not dissapointed in me when I do take a drink. They realize that my problems go deeper than that and they are trying to dig into the heart of the matter. That makes me feel better about them as they are not just two people saying "Just don't do it!"

Don't really know what the point of all this is, except maybe to say that it took me a long time to decide to go talk to somebody (years!!!!!!!) and if there is anybody out there who is weighing the options, you might want to give it a try, provided you can find something in your price range and people who you can trust and can relate to. These two students are good because they haven't been doing it for years and therefore are placing a jaded label on me before they get to know me. They are careful and considerate.

They also liked my webpage.



I am glad that the therapy is working for you. I think many people are afraid to talk to another person. Also many have already talked to many therapists with no success. I am beginning to think that is does not matter who you talk to but that you talk. You feel safe with students, others may prefer psychiatrists, or psycholgists, or clergy, or family, or friends or even SF. It is always a good step when someone is ready to share their pain with another. Good luck to you.
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