tapping method, or EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

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    I'm just beginning to explore EFT. It sounds really rediculous, but i'm desparate. It involves the energy meridians in our bodies like they use in accupuncture, but there are no needles. You just tap on specific points of the body while saying phrases. It can be used for emotional or physical problems. It doesn't cost anything, and you can do it all by yourself or with a therapist. I'm getting some relief after two weeks practicing on my own. There is science including brain imaging studies to back it up. Anybody else???
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    I have heard abt EFT and i am glad it is helping you I myself have not tried it but i can see how for some it could be of great benefit to them
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    I had never heard of this. I am going to google and youtube it right now! Thank you for that post! Wow!
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