Tara, my T miss you

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    been little over a year now since tara my therapist of 10 yrs left the mental health center.. that smile , that raised eyebrow cause she thought I was going places she wished I wasn't, that closed cropped blond hair, that trim body, and all the rest I remember which is many!!! she no longer is physically with me but yet she always nearby now in my mind.

    first when saw you I was hanging by a thread, troubled and on my own totally... always trying just to keep going so I could take care of and be with son johnny.. the night terrors, the flashbacks and the dissociations very frequent and sometimes lasted for days.. most of you will never have to face the terror which causes an alternative personality take over for long periods of time.. and when finally crawl and scratch back to the here and now have no memories of anything you did while checked out.. really terribly scary..

    you the only one in all 66 yrs that I told my life story and what happened, happening now.. played with the other psych pros all those yrs.. they tried but we just not together on the same wavelength ever... by the 2nd time john and I came to you office I was finally ready and was time to just let it out... hoping for some help very badly.. was very tough letting go first time and I will never go thru that again.. do not think there is a need now..

    you got thru to me they were gone now... took awhile cause those memories haunted me terribly.. that most people are good people and do not want to hurt me at all.. trusting you first led to me trusting others... john and I had been hiding from the world for 12 yrs then.. doing a hell of job I might add..lol We started getting out in the world and being around other people.. over time I also learned how to smile.. laugh and love.. with your help!!!

    think at our last session I dissociated during so I could leave you for the last time and hold it together.. never shook your hand, no hugs, no invading your personal space. you let me burn cds of music for those 10yrs.. never get a statement from you whether you listened and or liked.. just a smile when I handed to you.. never a sexual thought about you.. and you are a very attractive woman.. not what these sessions with you were for.

    if I ever run into you again I will stay in the here and now and with still keeping a bit of distance say "Tara , thank you very very much from me and johnny!!!"
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    She sounds like she was truly one of the good therapists out there. :hug: