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    tomorrow at 11am in familar surroundings, john and i will say good bye to tara at last therapy sesseion with her.. been my rock, my salvation and much more for the last 13 yrs.. originally she had planned to stay there till 2014 but recent head butting with administration made july 6th her last day there.. every 5 or 6 weeks johnny and i have made the trip of 20 minutes or so to be with this person in her office for the approximate 50 minutes or so.. not sure how this is going to go tomorrow???

    played with many therapists over the last 65 yrs.. first one that i did serious with was TAra... She always kept the approrriate professional distance tween us.. know she got as son, a grandson and has put up with me occassionaly delivering to her every ccouple of months a burn cd full of excellent crying in the beer music favorites of mine.. i know nohting more of her personal life..thjerapy has always been about me and johnn and a couple of other people intermingling in my life...

    forever i put some really heavy burdens upon myself i ahd been carrying for many years.. Tara helped me understand and feel it was ok to face, understand and put mostly behing me..thank you very much maam. i do not ask for help easily.. locked up and behind some wallls has been me.. for very long time.. now i realize it is safe to open doors , peek out and try to deal and talk about these things.. takes the right person to do this with and she was perfect.. form letter from here awhile back telling her patients mentioned that the mental health center would be hiring a couple of new therapists they would get us replacements.. welll this mhc has taken forever to get son johnny of mine a competant child psychiatrist so i have my doubts this time.. any case i will be ok..

    right off tomorrow, i will thank TAra very deeply for helping us.. a pause and then will ask her if she has anything she wants to say to me and johnny.. then we will talk about a few loose ends of mine.. her clock on the fall is in plain sight of the patient always.. set 10 minutes ahead adn getting close to 12pm on clock me and johnny will gather up our stuff and just get up and go..

    not exacly sure how this will go..lol i know if will not attempt to shake hands unless she offers hers.. no rushed kisses on her forehead... not sure if i will be able to leave without some tears leaking otu.. you can't really plan for something like this.. just attempt to take it all , feel it and go out the door and try best you can to just move on..by Tara..

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG4sT_r8k10 i wish you love by natalie cole..
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    It is a shame when the best things come to an end, but its wonderful that she has affected your life so positively, and i am sorry that its coming to an end. Many :hug: s to you
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    I have lost two therapists over the years who I truly valued; both with whom I worked over 16 yrs, so I do know what this feels like...you will be surprised how strong you really are...I was...I will be looking for the fortunate soul to work with me now, if I can get into any office...best of luck and know I understand if you need support
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    JimK-you at least got a warning that it was ending. The last therapist I lost gave me no clue clear up to the end. Just all of a sudden at a regular appt. it was over. It was a relief for me as I could not open myself to her after X amt. of yrs. and she played authoritarian figure with me. She also left me with some bad , negative messages that replay in my head like my parents' negative messages. She was totally $$ oriented-that was always first and foremost in her actions and mind. So now I am having to undo the damage she left me with another therapist. A lot of therapists/doctors, etc think people with depression are totally hopeless and can never get over it, so they already pre judge you. You are lucky to have had such a positive experience.