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For some reason or another I latched on to the idea of getting either a Nescafe Dolce or Tassimo. I know, I struggle with money issues, but the idea of these machines seemed so cool, I had to get one.

I dont drink coffee much except in the fall and winter. I used to have a Keurig, but I grew tired of it, as I was getting bored with just coffee. And I sold that on Craigslist last year.

I have tried off and on to win one of those Nescafe's or Tassimo's on ebay, only to constantly fail. Bids would eventually get to high. Well I won an older model...and I should have it next Monday or Tuesday.

I am really excited with the idea of making things like cappucino's, lattes, etc.

Now, waiting for this thing to arrive, I realize how nerdy this must be. Being excited over a used Tassimo. lol


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Its ok. I understand the excitment to be had over a new coffee machine.

My coffee machine that I got earlier in the year only cost £25 but I care for it to an extent that borderlines on weird.

I dedicate the Had-too-much-caffine smilie to you. :Jumpy:

Mr Stewart

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I bought an Aeropress earlier this year. That was pretty exciting (yes it was). It's not an extravagant gizmo, it was only 40 dollars. It's really just a big wide syringe with a filter cap at the end. Very good coffee though. It makes me happy.
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