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  1. Hi everyone,

    So the other day I got criticism in a Facebook group for a tattoo I was planning - although I had decided I wanted a tattoo for my birthday in a few weeks I only had loose ideas for design and location. The criticism was triggering for me and eventually I ended up hurting myself. I realised I had gone too far <mod edit - self harm details> - I felt faint, I heated up and felt dizzy. Although nothing serious happened and I'm fine it inspired me to get a tattoo to cover up some scars on my right thigh that have not completely faded.
    I designed the tattoo myself and posted it to the group - they loved it! I said I was planning to hide the scars on my thigh and they were supportive of that. The design won't hide all my scars I don't think nor do I plan to cover scars on other parts of my body (e.g. arm, other thigh, collarbone) with tattoos as it just wouldn't be practical for me considering they might be hard to cover up in work and my future career would want me to cover up any tattoos. My right thigh is where I used to cut the most and is still the most heavily scared part of my body. I do have unfaded scars on my other thigh as well as fresh ones on my arms and collarbone - so the thinking behind the cover-up is that it will be something I can look at with encouragement. Indeed, I think it will be good therapy for me to get this done as a part of my self-harm journey and help me on the road to recovery. The cover-up is not for hiding my scars from my parents - they both know. My dad has been supportive of me and a good person to talk to; my mum is supportive but tends not to want to talk about it, she's just looking out for me though and wants me to stop. They have both had depression, been suicidal, and have self-harmed in the past so I'm not really ashamed of showing my scars around them anymore. As part of my recovery process I have stopped trying to hide my scars with bracelets or concealer at university too. My closest friends are aware I have self-harmed so I'm not afraid of them seeing my scars.
    Anyway, I think having this done to cover some of my scars will be good for my recovery and may even make me stop entirely.
    When I first started cutting at age 13 I hated it when my scars faded completely, now I wish they would. When I first cut my leg I was scared that they would never fade entirely as it was the first time I had <mod edit - methods>. Before anyone knew that's where I cut myself to hide it; every trigger I got I would take it out on my leg. Now that I'm past that darkest part of my depression I realise how much I have ruined my thigh. Every time I go to the toilet, take a bath/shower, get dressed I feel ashamed of them and am reminded of how low I felt. The scars on my left thigh are not entirely faded themselves but nowhere near as bad as the ones on the right. So I want to cover my right thigh scars because they're just too much of a reminder for me and they make my leg look ugly. I'm not exactly ashamed to say I went through this, if someone sees my scars I don't really care what they think, but the right thigh ones are a personal issue for me so I really want to get my cover-up tattoo.

    Let me know your thoughts, and if any of you have or are considering a tattoo to hide scars. :)
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    Good luck with getting the tattoo, I really hope it will help you!

    I am considering getting the scars on my arm covered... I usually wear T-shirts, like you, in an effort to recover and learn to accept my body... but since my SH got out of control again I'm covering up... it will be a 'fun' summer...
    I can't afford tattoos right now... and me being overweight I am also careful about which tattoos I get... since I fear they change in appearance if I lose weight.
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  3. Aww, I am sorry to hear that chick.
    I hope you overcome it soon and are able to afford a tattoo :) xx
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    I've been considering getting a tattoo to cover mine on my thigh as well, I thought about my wrist too but my whole wrist is basically scar tissue so I'm not sure how well that would work. But I've always liked the idea of getting a tattoo to cover scars, I feel like it's a good way to really celebrate your recovery and also to bring closure and hopefully keep SH in the past. I hope your tattoo will help you and that everything goes well! :)
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