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I know this sounds random, but one of my friends and I decided that we're going to get tattoos together. But I can't decide what I want...

I want it to be something unique, but also something that I could live with for the rest of my life.

Anyone creative or artistic have any ideas?


I find the issue of a tattoo as bein a very personal thing.. in thinkin of gettin a tattoo, ask yourself, what images have really affected me? Do I want something in color or just black? Do I want an animal, a symbol? if an animal what sort do you love or see as bein linked to your personality? if a symbol, what do you like, do you want to do something along the lines of the zodiac or a tribal situation? maybe you like plants or hearts? maybe a favorite cartoon character... really you have to think in the lines of what you think you might want to have on you for the rest of your time.

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well i have 5, so you really gotta think about it, make sure it's something that you will like, and don't think about how it'll look when you get old. I'm sure that you'll find a great one to get!!!! good luck and i wanna see pics when it's done
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