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I decided to put this in “Therapy and Medications” because it really is therapeutic. I’ve suggested tattoos to a few of those who self-harm. I’m more of a substance abuser but they’re very similar.

I got my first tattoo last year, then a second one a few months later. I just got my third and I am loving it so much. It’s on my left forearm and as a right-hander you’d be surprised how often your left arm is “in your face”. Well it makes me feel a bit better every time I see it :)

This one is a tribute to my beloved brother who passed away almost exactly four years ago. It wasn’t suicide but it was self-inflicted.

So if you’re up for something a bit out-there (though pretty mainsream these days) I recommend it and your forearm isn’t very painful at all - I’d say 3-5/10. This one’s pretty big and bold but obviously you could do whatever you like..



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I'm thinking of getting a gothic window extending all the way around my forearm, so like a cuff. I'd put a sunset skyline in the view from the window. Haven't seen anything like this done and not sure if I'm explaining my idea well.
@gypsylee - Ooooh I love your new tattoo! I've been looking forward to seeing it lol :p That's so nice to get a tribute tattoo for you brother <3

I still haven't found the courage to get one yet but I am still thinking about it!


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I agree it does help with self-harming. First, getting a tattoo hurts, but it's not a self-harming activity. That's also a reason why it can become very addictive and you really have to be careful with it so it doesn't become an unhealthy thing. And second, if you have an artwork on your body you don't want to ruin it, so it can help with self harm in this way too.
But from my experience I have to say be careful with tattoos. Be sure of what you want to imprint on your body for the rest of your life. Especially if it's in a place visible for you every day - you might get sick of it pretty soon. I don't want to say that tattoos are bad! Just speaking from my own experience.

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