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And yet again, I am drinking tea :smile:. Mmmmm.... Do you think I should actually be posting under Substance Abuse? :tongue:

Surely there has to be a point at which you should stop? :biggrin:


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If it feels good, do it. Would I begrudge you a cup of tea? Do I love like that kind of guy?

Don't answer that.

Anyway, have a cup of tea!!!!!!!


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Jeez if there is a limit to the amount your should drink I need to go TA (teaholics anonymous) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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lol this thread made me laugh, a lot

I like tea but I'm more of a coffee person now. I used to hate coffee but when I went in to hospital they kept asking me if I want tea or coffee, and even though I didn't like I kept say coffee, cos otherwise they kept asking.

I started to really like it and now I drink about 6 cups a day. Tea is nice, but its not as interesting, and it lacks the caffeine that gets me through the day.

In short, they both rock, but coffee is just that little bit better

When in doubt brew up, be it tea of coffee
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