Teacher is making it worse!!!

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  1. daredhead

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    So, I absolutely hate my Chemistry teacher. He is the most horrible man in the world. He only give out "A's" to a select few students who he deems "worthy". He rants on and on about what a great person he is....

    Today, he did something that totally pushed me over the edge. He talked on and on about how pointless life was, and how miserably our class was doing so far this semester!!! He told us that life was better off as a board game!!! Why would a teacher do that? Most of the time he was talking, he was looking at me!!!!! I do not think that it was a cooincidence.
  2. kenny

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    Sorry you're having a hard time with your teacher. try not to let him get to you. some teachers are just like that.

    at the end of the day, he's *just* a chemistry teacher. you've got your whole life ahead of you to do what *you* want to do, while he's stuck where he is.

    remember chemistry is mostly a case of mixing stuff up and saying "what happens if we add a drop of the green stuff?", then you go around without your eyebrows for a fortnight...