Tears Are For The Weak

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    All I can do is warn and look upon your newly smiling face
    And only may I smile along while the darks secrets eat my mind
    Only can I grin at you and yours not will I be herd nor listened to
    All I can do is gaze from afar as you are torn apart in secret
    As the one who says,” I love you.” Repeats it to so many others
    While a silent tear slides down the face that harbors the secret

    A tear, a tear the last I cry for you. No more tears from me and unto you
    Joy, happiness, glee and exuberance, all those I felt after we parted
    As I had felt that righteousness was done in my actions
    Sadness, anger, hate and malice are what I’ve found from now
    You detach from me, only to reattach to another at the first chance
    Lack of caring for yourself, despite warnings, and pleas

    The tear falls, crystal clear like me, transparent, invisible
    Plunging to its death along with me, you, not him
    He is a two faced; kill one the other shows, and regrows
    So long as he gets his contentment, he cares not for you
    So long as he gets what he wants, he will forget you.

    A tear, a tear no more I cry for you, as you plunge down
    Into what you created, into what you allowed, into you
    I wrap my brain around the fantasy that has insured
    I warp my thoughts around the fairy tail gone every way
    As I wrap my hands around the story tellers throat
    As I save you from your abyss, as I die inside
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.