Tears of the Willow

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    Tears of the Willow
    There was once a place,
    a sacred space
    where I'd sit,
    surrounded by a curtain
    of golden greens and pastel grays
    hung from mighty boughs.
    Enclosed within was a stillness,
    a tranquil hush
    filled with the quiet joy
    of verdant life.
    Late afternoon sunlight
    would stream dappled
    through the hazy amber air,
    suffused with motes of light
    that swirled and danced,
    like pixie dust left behind
    in the wake of Puck's passing,
    beneath the arching canopy.
    The outside world
    would grow vague
    within this hallowed circle,
    the sounds of summer
    muted and dim--
    dogs barking,
    the crack of a home-run hit,
    a lawnmower in the distance.
    Time itself
    seemed to slow,
    quieting the noisy mind,
    revealing to the watchful eye
    hitherto unnoticed detail:
    the lush carpet of striated grass,
    the faint perfume
    of bitter green,
    the warm, damp musk
    of rich black earth,
    the whispering of wind
    making the boughs creak above,
    telling a story of ancient days.
    Gone now, this secret paradise,
    the act of careless thought.
    You were a Lord of Nature
    I could not save,
    though I would have
    fought the gods themselves.
    How I long for the feel
    of your rough, gray-brown bark,
    filled with the energy of life
    beneath my young hands.
    How I yearn to hear
    the soft sigh of your voice
    as the wind rustles your leaves
    and you share with me
    the secret wisdom of Gaia.
    No more do you weep,
    O Prince of Willows;
    even your tears have vanished,
    but their traces still stain
    the depths of my soul.
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