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So I went from having satellite TV that kept flickering in and out, to having no service and a receiver that smells like burning wire everytime I turn it on (needless to say, I've stopped turning it on).

When I first called tech support, I told them what was happening. Then I explained that I'm blind, that I can't see at all, and so it might be necessary to have someone come over to see the problem for themselves because I wouldn't be able to provide information about what was on the screen. I also told him I'd done the usual resetting procedures already.

Here's a part of the conversation that took place after I gave him that information.

Technician: Can I have your 16-digit account number? You can find it on your billing statement.
Me: I'm visually impaired, so I'm not able to access that information.
Technician: I'm sorry to hear that.
(We managed to verify my account using a phone number and password)
Technician: Can you turn on your television and tell me which, if any, error messages appear on the screen.
(Wait, haven't we already been here)?
Me: I'm sorry, but I'm blind, I'm not able to give you that information.
Technician: If you have your remote control, please press the menu button. Then... (I don't remember what he told me to do, but it had something to do with following on-screen instructions)
Me: I'm blind, which means I can't see the screen at all.
Technician: Can you please tell me the model number found on your receiver?
Me: Um ... no, I can't. (At this point, I'm tired of hearing myself say the word blind).
(He finally agrees that he really DOES need to send a technician to my house, which is what I told him at the very beginning of the call).
Technician: If you have a pencil and paper nearby, I can give you your account number for future reference.
(Wait, does the word "BLIND" not seem to be connecting here)?

And that was the end of the call, thankfully. At that point, it was taking all I had not to laugh.


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muahahaha i find this too funny i always suspected tech support to be idiots and brain dead and this is a prime example...


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Um, what do you get out of TV?..
Lol I'd say blindfold yourself and try watching (listening) to TV, but it never works when you're used to seeing it. I've never seen it, so I can follow everything by sound. Well, everything but maybe action flicks.

Heh heh, unknown to her I was the tech, payback for all my bans!:evil:
Haha!! Now that calls for the ultimate ban!! :P But I'll be nice because my TV's working. A tech came here and spent an hour and a half fixing everything. He had to move the satellite to a new spot, replace part of it, and replace the fried wire on the receiver. And now, let there be TV. Granted, I hardly ever watch TV because everything's on the Internet, but the fact that I didn't have it annoyed me.
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