Teen is exonerated after 70 years

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    This is very similar to the storyline in the movie 'The Green Mile' (where the John Coffee character finds the two murdered girls and is found by the search party sat holding the two girls, so is assumed wrongly to be their murderer); though of course that was just a movie. The fact is there was absolutely no physical (& by definition no forensic) evidence against George Stinney. He was only fourteen years of age. Surely that makes him legally a child? Therefore, would capital punishment be appropriate for such a crime for a person his age anyway. IF George Stinney is guilty (which he is NOT)), that is illegal in itself

    A very disturbing miscarriage of justice.

    Another question: HTF can a court come to a conclusion of guilt AND the sentence of capital punishment, in a trial lasting only ONEday?
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    Better late than never, huh.
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    answer is easy - 70 years ago- 1944 and if read the real story, the suspected (death bed confession even) real murder was family of investigator and rich family in town.

    So far as it goes is not that strange really - can find other similar stories here in US , but before throw stones Google Mahmood Hussein Mattan, Timothy Evans, George Kelly, or Derek Bentley - all a decade or more after Stinney farce.....
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    It's sad how it went down.
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    With the Derek Bentley case, Derek said to his accomplice, Christopher Craig "Let him have it". It was debated "Let him have it" was in the context of Derek saying to Christopher, to give the gun to the police officer RATHER than to shoot the police officer. The prosecution & ultimately the Judge & Jury took it to mean the latter
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