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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Sakura, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Sakura

    Sakura Well-Known Member

    Okay, I am a child of the 80's, so I grew up watching and loving the original TMNT cartoon series. So please tell me *why* I ended up dreaming my own episode of TMNT last night XD

    I was Michelangelo and the whole dream, including the Turtles and all the backgrounds and other characters looked like CGI. Like that TMNT movie that was released in the theaters I think last year.

    It was just such a strange dream, but I got to kick all the bad guys asses and save the day in the end, so when I woke up I just went 'WTF" and laughed XDD
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  2. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    lololol, michelangelo :D

    you probably saw TMNT or something that reminds you of it somewhere that day, and you unkknowingly included it in your dreams.
    or...you secretly wanna be a ninja.
  3. Sakura

    Sakura Well-Known Member

    *laughs* I think I must very secretly want to be a ninja XDD

    And I heart and adore Michelangelo~ He has always been my fave Turtle :rose:
  4. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    well, maybe you wanna be like michelangelo (personality or the appearance?). ;)
  5. Sakura

    Sakura Well-Known Member

    Hehe, most definitely personality. He's just so fun-loving and easy-going. A great character that everyone wants to be friends with ^^
  6. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    well, you're on a good way to be michelangelo then. ;)
  7. Sakura

    Sakura Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :hug:
  8. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    haha~ I used to dream my own episodes of cartoons that I loved all the time as a kid!
    I wish I could still do it now, but it seems like any dream I ever have - happens to have something to do with zombies.

    ...now... TMNT and zombies maybe something I could do! XD

    My favourite turtle was always Donatello.
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Not open for further replies.