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  1. Gergin

    Gergin Well-Known Member

    I stepped outside long ago
    just to drift once more.
    And gravity can't hold me down.
    I have suspended my youth
    to observe the universe,

    Through swollen eyes.
    I've seen people.
    They are asteriods
    filled with such complexity
    crowding spaces
    with high hopes and dreams.
    But we are alone in the void.
    I've forsaken myself,
    to the blinding night sky.
    a beacon
    in the cosmic ocean.
    Up here is where I'm free.
    where I'm lost.
    where I am wandering.
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  2. Gergin

    Gergin Well-Known Member

    one of my favorites.
  3. AngelGabriel

    AngelGabriel New Member

    did you write this ? its beaultifull
  4. Gergin

    Gergin Well-Known Member

    Yes I did, and thank you. It means a lot to me, I have issues with sharing my poems mainly because I'm not sure if they are worthy of posting. Again, thank you.
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