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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Perfectly Imperfect, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. I was just in a chat room for a radio station that I listen to and the DJ was talking about Avril Lavigne coming into the chat room with everybody and we could ask her questions, so of course, everybody started thinking of questions that we could ask her and I didn't expect anything bad to come out of it. People were coming up with some rude questions, but we all just kind of laughed along. Then someone said "ask her if she cuts" and that just annoyed me and triggered me a little bit. They continued to talk about people who cut and such and it just pissed me off, and now I'm self harming...again. >.<
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    aww come on take your mind off it! please dont hurt yourself :hug:
  3. i hate it when things like that happen. things seem okay one minute, then you have some asshole to screw it up. some kids at my school do that. we'll be at lunch or something and then all of a sudden out of nowhere suicide or self infliction pops up and that's all they can talk about for the next half hour or until class is over. with self harming, i can't be one to say not to do it, considering i still do. i think i would just be a hypocrite. but i know it's not good. i lost a friend because i hurt myself. nothing seems right anymore when we're around each other. the thing she said was just to hurtful to get over. sorry...i have a bad habit of doing that and being random. i hope you are well. if you wanna talk, let me know.
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    it happens to me too, th better you can do is to go fr a walk. trust me
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