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Tell or not to tell?

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Hi All,
Im stuck in a bit of a pickle.
All my mates have always said to me, that I should speak to them, reach out etc.
Well, for the 1st part of the year, I did, and I was doing it tough, with self harm ramping up, and suicide attempts becoming almost a daily occurrence.
Well, I managed to get out of it for a bit by removing the pdoc and youthworker.
So, most believe that everything is good as gold.
Well, it was, it isnt anymore, its worse than ever. Self harming is back, not as much but well, more dangerous. Attempts, and similar considerations have come back to mind, and the danger is increasing, as the safety nets I had before, most are gone. My dad now knows, but it did exactly as I figured it would do, separated us dramatically. Basically I dont really have a lot of support now, virtually none. On top of that, Im looking after other people, and have been trying to make sure that others dont suicide on me, one in particular is putting huge amounts of stress on me, and I think she's still going to do it sooner or later.
What Im askign is peoples opinions on whether I should be honest and tell them whats going?
I partly consider it selfish cos we r all so close to exams, i dont want them to worry, and for me to affect their marks.
Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.
do you think going back to the pdoc and youthworker would help?

it could be that treatment/ therapy would be better for you in the long run

I think it's ok to tell your friends

you're not responsible if your friend kills herself

it's good that you are trying to help, but you can't change her if she doesn't want to change

I like to believe that there is a divine order to the universe. not that I can prove that is so, but rather I would go mad if it were not so.

I try to do the best that I can to make myself and others happy. I can only hope that things outside my control will fall into place
All that the pdoc did was threaten me, and only ever focused on the bad stuff, which left me in a worse state. Through them, my trust was broken, now I am very cautious about what I do. Since the pdoc, Im always lookin over my shoulder, and continue to have flashbacks to the day I nearly got admitted to hospital. Just unsure what I can do, its not like theres a lot of choice, but Im so scared now, its just not funny.
some doctors are terrible

maybe one of your mates is seeing a pdoc that they would recommend?

maybe that's a way to break it to them, "can anyone recommend a pdoc"

it's too bad that you had to have such a terrible doctor, but you may be able to find one that can help
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