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Tell us about a fond memory of yours...

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I don't know if there's a thread like this already.. If there is, the thread can be merged. No worries! :)

My first fond memory I'd like to share with you all is on my 3rd grade birthday in 2001. I was outside on my patio, playing with Alan and Liam and Kevin. Liam had bought me a football with Peyton Manning's signature, and we had been playing with it in the hilly backyard beyond the patio. In the meantime, Kevin was doing a project in which he had to catch lots of bugs.. it was like a poster... and there was a collection. It was so sad having to put to sleep insects that are so true (wasps, etc.). I never did that project, and I am so glad I never had to do it for school.

Later in the day, I would catch my first and only butterfly (Lana, I told you about this I think). I was ecstatic and so impressed because butterflies in my past had always just flown way, and I had never been able to catch one. They are so beautiful!! I waited until the butterfly was on a flower (I think) and stationary...

Shortly after my triumph, we went to my kitchen and showed my parents what we had caught on this special-to-me Sunday morning. We let it fly in our kitchen for a while, and it kept trying to find a way out through the window.. Eventually, we set it free, and that was the last we saw of the precious butterfly..

Anyways, I'd be interested to hear about any fond memories you all can recall.

~ Speedy
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Driving through the rocky mountains for the first time after my family moved to western Canada. I was 10. We stopped at Lake Louise. I couldn't believe the colour of the water. It's so blue/green it looks almost artificially tinted.

Something more recent...

Hrmm. Going to the anatomy lab in the basement of the hospital to study, and make drawings of (I was an art major), cadavers. Now I know that sounds pretty morbid, but I didn't see it like that. I was so nervous before we went in. Once I saw them, the cadavers I mean, my perspective on life changed a little bit. I guess I saw the human body as a complex piece of mechanical design for the first time. Sure you see things in textbooks and you know generally how anatomy is put together but seeing it in person was different.
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