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Tell us about any recent act of kindness towards you or others in real life....

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I will start. :hug:

My sister wished me good luck in college when she and my dad dropped me off at my dorm Monday morning. She departed from the local airport an hour later and won't be back until Christmas break.
My daughter rang me this morning while on holiday with her mum.
She wanted to know how Pepper the kitten was doing and if i was ok! (in that order.....)
A child's kindness is an innocent, priceless gift, lets hope she is giving some to her little brother......... :laugh:
I logged on to find a very lovely and unexpected PM from someone which made me smile, and think that maybe someone somewhere DOES care. Just what I needed. So thank you.. you know who you are :laugh: :hug:


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I saw a woman pumping her gas today and when I first saw her my first thought was how well put together she looked. When I got out to pump my gas, I told her how nice she looked.


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My boyfriend attempted to make me dinner when I came home from work today. He almost burned down our apartment and we ended up ordering pizza instead :biggrin:


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The guy who works for housing was kind and said "have a good one" after I thanked him for helping me get a suite change. It's the first time I've had something I could post in the past two days. :)
After being woken up by the bed delivery guys, who I was not expecting, and being extremely hungover and tired trying to put the new bed together, and sort out the old one, T came round even though she was super busy and helped me sort it out. It looks lush fyi lol.
Because we are expecting a hurricane in my area, people came by to make sure I had everything I needed...my house was full of loving kindness, and I felt so good.


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Some one who I recently met on line sent me a txt msg today. I had a bad night and when I woke, felt lost and alone. That one silly txt message, was sent to me by someone who THOUGHT of me. A "complete" stranger. It gave me hope when I needed it!!!


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Okay.... I wrote this June 2nd 2011. It sort of fits here.

Today I read this challenge, “Today, find one thing that scares you at about a 6 or a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 and do it anyway“. I thought about this for a few minutes and decided that I would give it a try. I am very anxious around people when the purpose is personal instead of business related. So as my challenge to myself I chose to walk up to a random person and give them a genuine compliment. For most people this shouldn’t be a problem, but for me.….. It’s not easy.

I went to Wal-Mart so I could get me a piece of birthday cake. It’s been years since I had a piece birthday cake, much less one to celebrate my own birthday. I intended on getting only one piece but I ended up buying a half sheet cake. I figured I could freeze all but one piece of it and then enjoy more of it at a later time. This might sound weird (it sounds weird to me), but I asked the older woman who was working in the bakery if she could decorate it for me (I didn’t let her know the cake was for me). She said she was getting ready to clock out and the bakery was closing and I could come back and get it tomorrow. I agreed and then she asked what I wanted the cake to say. I asked her to put this on the cake, “Happy birthday Julia I hope you find peace”. She asked me about color and design and I told her it didn’t really matter as long as the words were on there. She wanted to know when Julia’s birthday was. I kind of laughed and said today. This kind woman offered to stay for a little longer and decorate my cake. She told me to come back over to the bakery in about 30 minutes and it would be finished. I thanked her and then walked away to shop for 30 minutes. As I was walking away I heard the beep of the time clock as she swiped her time card through it. I didn’t think too much of it at that moment.

About 25 minutes later I arrived back at the bakery section as she was putting the finishing touches on it. She did such a nice job on it. She placed it in a box and informed me the cash register was closed in the bakery and I would have to pay for it in one of the checkout lines near the front. She then washed her hands, grabbed her purse, and left. I walked up to one of the checkout lines and suddenly realized something. She clocked out before she decorated my cake. She did that on her own time. I almost began to cry right there in front of everyone, but I managed to hold them back. While I was paying for the cake the cashier who couldn’t have been a day older the 18 complimented me on my pantsuit. I walked out with a smile on my face.

I left the parking lot and drove down the street toward home to a Marathon Gas Station to put some gas in my car. While finishing filling up my car I saw the same woman who was working in the bakery at Wal-Mart pull in front of a gas pump behind me. I don’t think she noticed me. She got on the intercom with the cashier and said $20 on pump 7. I went inside to grab me a pint of chocolate milk to go along with my cake and while I was paying I also handed the cashier a $20 bill and said it was for pump 7. I walked out feeling really good about myself and today in general. As I was walking toward my car the lady from the bakery was walking in. She saw me and said hi. I thanked her for staying longer then she had to, and for decorating my cake. She told me I was welcome. As we parted ways she said, “Have a happy birthday Julia”. I never told her the cake was for me, or that it was my birthday. I have no idea how she knew or if she simply misunderstood me. Still it felt really good.

I pulled into my driveway and suddenly realized I didn’t really do what I sat out to do. I never did walk up to a random stranger and pay them a compliment. I guess I will try that again tomorrow. I am sitting down to eat a piece of my birthday cake and drink some chocolate milk.

It's been almost 3 months and I still haven't done what I set out to do that day and compliment a random stranger. I might try that Sunday.


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Wow, Julia, thanks for sharing that story. That woman was so kind, and so were you! :) Good luck with giving a stranger a genuine compliment tomorrow (Sunday). :hug:
We are due to have a hurricane here in NY City, and ppl have contacted me to make sure I was safe and to ask whether I needed anything...just put so much light in the storm...J


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The housing employee that helped me get a suite change walked by when I was coming back from Calculus class and noticed that I was getting ready to get on the elevator. He said "hey Alex, how are you doing?" and I waved and said "fine, thanks!"


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My step dad got me and my baby sister a sucker a few days ago since we love them. When he opened my sister's for her, it broke in half and I started to see her face expression get sad. I gave her my whole one and she smiled so big and took it while I got the broken half one. ♥
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