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I've got this running joke that, with the sheer amount of life-altering illness I've had to deal with in my life, and the fact that people seem to think they can get rich from me despite the fact that I have NOTHING, I must have done these things to others in a past life to deserve it. Like if I'd been a Conquistador, for instance. Hence the username-avatar combo.

So now you know.
Mine is my pet bunnies for multiple reasons. For one I was born in the year of the lucky bunny and that's been a recurring thing that I'm lucky because of that, especially when I beat my dad 11 fish to his 1 fish when I was in middle school. Two, getting these rabbits was a family thing and the first time in a long time I've actually felt connected to my parents. Three this was our first group of baby bunnies, and I raised all of them. (we got a male and a female without realizing it but it later became a thing to raise baby bunnies into adults and have friends and family adopt them since our first group was really cute and really socialized!)
My avatar is the cover of an album of "Bring Me The Horizon". There's a song that's called "Happy Song" that talks about how pretending that everything is ok never helps, and how you lie to everyone saying that you are ok, even though you want to scream that you want help. That's how I feel all the time.

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Mine is pretty self-explanatory. All the people here have/are suffering in different ways. I think my Avatar acts as a reminder that although we aren't aware of it always, often much better things lie ahead than what has been before. We must keep the faith. Without struggles, how can we grow and expect to be prepared for greatness, whatever form that comes in. Hold on everyone.


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Mine just totally represents me in all ways...looks like me first thing in morning before my 2 cuppas and then I turn 'normalish' and as the day goes on and stress hits more and the coffee works it's way out I start to turn and look like it again.


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Mine is famed Mexican wrestler El Demonio Azul. He did about a billion cheesy low budget sci fi and horror movies in the 60s and 70s; for me they are the very definition of “so bad it’s good.” One of my friends when I was a kid had copies of a bunch of them, and he’d “translate” (mostly he just made shit up to make me laugh) them for me because my Spanish was really bad. I came across this picture of him a long while ago and have used it as my avatar at a few places since then.


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First post! Dude in my avatar pic is Chief Giribaldi from the 1990s TV series Babylon 5. The actor is Jerry Doyle (RIP). The Giribaldi character is a reformed alcoholic. When someone asks if he wants a drink, he will reply, "Nah, I gave up the rocket fuel awhile back." Dude is my hero!


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A watercolor painting
I did a couple of years ago when practicing a slightly different style. The picture was from a specimen from the Mütter Museum which I desperately wish to visit some day.


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Just a toy I've bought some time ago, it's a stress relief ball. I threw it away on the very same day I've bought it, it took me only a few hours to totally ruin it.


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My current Avatar Is a cat that I got from our local animal shelter, I use to make bi- weekly visits to the shelter, I am a supporter of the shelter My First Cat was a Black and White Maine Coon Cat I got him when I was 7, I lost him when I was 28 he lived 21
years His name Was Thimbles .
I had my quota of 4 cats, that is what I had decided on as a maximum number that I could keep and properly take care of, this cat was at the Shelter for 6 1/2 months she was too wild no one could pick her up she could not be held, they had to open the door and she would climb out to the top of the cages I had discovered that she like feathers or maybe it would be better to say she hated feathers because she literally shredded Feathers wherever and whenever she came across one. I took her home one day, within 2 weeks she was my best Friend, she was by my side always when in the house, I had a fairly large veg garden, she helped me to tend that as well as almost everything I did she was there planting hoeing weeding and even watering. It took me quite a time to name her, nothing seemed to fit her there was nothing about her that I could say, yup that's her! She was a quiet cat until it was feeding time or when I came home from work, then she went bananas, she thanked me every day multiple times for giving her a home, she would walk between my feet meowling, crying and purring, rolling over and over. I could not walk while this was going on she was slender and supple, her fur was softer then Velvet, I have never felt another cats fur as soft an smooth as hers. If I ran my fingers through her fur the trails my fingers made stayed there it would look like she had ridges on her back I named her Willow Whisper she was a willowy as a willow tree an she was as Gentle as a whisper, I got her on the 21st of January 2009 I Lost her on November 2nd 2013, She had slept on my bed, for the 2 nights previous it was strange most cats moved around she lay down between me an the edge of my bed on my bedspread her feet to the edge her back against my legs with her head near my pillow, she never moved all night she got up after I was in bed. did not move until I started to get up in the morning, She gave herself completely to me, I have never before had an animal like her. I never will again, she changed my Life. I have more tales to tell about her, She almost meant as much to me as the One True love of My Life, who also had Changed my Life, without those two figures in my Life, I Would never be happy again! Thank You for giving me the opportunity To Share one of my Loves
Animals are angels on Earth.
I have my avatar as a tattoo in my left side of my chest, it represents many things for me. But I know that he’ll keep by my side on the darkest days and I only have to give a look at it to remind me what I stand for


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My avatar is a picture that I took at my brother's place one snowy morning. I used this picture because it in some ways depicts my current life. There is light peaking through the trees, but there are also a lot of shadows. I get stuck in the shadows behind the trees (the giants in my life) and I don't see that just on the other side there is light if I would just take a few more steps forward.
I've been a fan of Sailor Moon most of my life, hence my username. It's a picture of her crying because it reflects how I feel most days...

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