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Tell us about your avatar!!

I suffer from PCOS and because of it grow more hair than a lot of my make friends. I’ve held on to a lot of shame because of it and it’s one of my greatest insecurities so my avatar is one way I try to accept that!
my avatar; it's tetra from loz wind waker. she's a brave pirate captain with boundless courage. always wearing a genuine smile and taking any challenge the world throws at her head on with the will to keep moving forward no mater hard it may be. me i'm an indecisive coward who can't speak up for themselves, i even find solace hurting myself. i'd give anything to be even a little bit like tetra.


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Mine is my pet bunnies for multiple reasons. For one I was born in the year of the lucky bunny and that's been a recurring thing that I'm lucky because of that, especially when I beat my dad 11 fish to his 1 fish when I was in middle school. Two, getting these rabbits was a family thing and the first time in a long time I've actually felt connected to my parents. Three this was our first group of baby bunnies, and I raised all of them. (we got a male and a female without realizing it but it later became a thing to raise baby bunnies into adults and have friends and family adopt them since our first group was really cute and really socialized!)
Cute rabbits!


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Well, my Avatar is the white Desert. Or more specific, a picture of a snowy Sahara Desert. (took some months ago) I myself collect awesome pics, love to take pics, and just search for more at any free moment. Sadly my Harddrive broke with more then 2 GB of Pictures collected from all my life. I was on many Picture charing sites, Got many connections there, sadly lost most of them after some of theese sites shut down. so loosing a grate part of myself with it. And well the empty butt still beautifull stunning view of this Pic describes a Part of myself that feels lonly and searching for something to fill the void. But thats as hard to find as having it snow in the Desert.


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Ok, I changed my avatar, so disregard my previous description lol...

My new one is an image taken from the album Grace Under Pressure by my all-time favorite band (and Canada's finest export!), Rush.

I feel like it elegantly captures, in a single image, my ongoing battle against depression and suicidality.

Charrs are a feline-like race based on war from the game Guild Wars. In Guilds 1 it was the first enemy of humans you encountered in the game, battling for their ancestral homelands and eventually driving humans out. Guild Wars 2 takes place 250 years later and by then the humans and Charr are at peace and live among with three other races; Sylvari (plant-beings), Norn (giantesque people who typically can turn into bears), and the Asura (diminutive pixie-like scientists). From the start Charrs have always been my favourite race to play, this stemming from my love of wildlife.


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Thx, but its not the original thing. This is the original: View attachment 7456
it's really quite good, and having it that orange colour looks grate! (drawing hands can be difficult, specially making them realisitc so well done) Btw the first time i saw your avatar i thought those trees in the back would be burning houses XD im sooooooo habby about beeing wrong after looking again more closly XD

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