Tell us about your avatar!!

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  1. Laura002

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    I suffer from PCOS and because of it grow more hair than a lot of my make friends. I’ve held on to a lot of shame because of it and it’s one of my greatest insecurities so my avatar is one way I try to accept that!
  2. my avatar; it's tetra from loz wind waker. she's a brave pirate captain with boundless courage. always wearing a genuine smile and taking any challenge the world throws at her head on with the will to keep moving forward no mater hard it may be. me i'm an indecisive coward who can't speak up for themselves, i even find solace hurting myself. i'd give anything to be even a little bit like tetra.
  3. HumanExMachina

    HumanExMachina What a wonderful world...

    It's a guy on the moon, looking at the Earth. He's thinking about all of the stories on that blue-green rock, about how stupid and pointless they are, and about how endlessly amusing they are.
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  4. Alexandru A A

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    It's a drawing which i did long time ago. I used to draw tattoo ideas for myself and keep them on the wall. Unfortunately i don't do that anymore because i lost my motivation.
  5. Alwayswrong

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    You're certainly very good at drawing! And it's a great form of therapy and meditation
  6. JuanAnchoa

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    Mine is an agar with Hogwarts' insignia draw it with bacterias. I am a nerd with no problem to admit it
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