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  1. bjorkiii

    bjorkiii Member

    Been seeing a mental health professional for quite a few months suposedely you are able to tell them whats going on in your mind. Told him about distressing dreams and thoughts i have been having and it got to the point i needed help , the same day i told him i got a knock at door from the police and was arrested for threats to kill and spent 4 weeks in hospital. Thoughts have returned but what am i supposed to do there is no way i can be admitted again i cannot handle being in hospital yes they are good people but all i was doing in there was taking my medication at a certain time and the rest of time just walking round the ward waiting ffs. What help can i get i am panicing about everything ?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You need to talk to your doctor hun let him or her know the thoughts have returned so your medication can be regulated some. Tell your doctor they are just thoughts and you won't act on them ok just thoughts and you need help to get them under control hugs
  3. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    Mental health professions do have the power to be able to notify the police if they honestly think that you are in a situation where you are going to hurt yourself or other people, so on that note, while you probably did not appreciate the fact of the police turning up at your house, try and keep in mind that it was done for the best of intentions. That said, it is reasonable to say that you are not happy with the current quality of care that you are getting from whomever you are currently seeing, so one bit of advice is that you should seek out a different therist; talking with your local G.P (family doctor) would be the best bet as they will be able to recommend and make the arrangements for you to see a specialist that is more in tune (for lack of a better way so early in the morning of putting it) to your situation and hopefully you will make far better progress with someone different than who you are with now.
  4. bjorkiii

    bjorkiii Member

    I told this person my dreams and thoughts only not once did i threaten anybody? whats to say telling my gp whats going on in my head will not lead to the same consequences?
  5. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Bjorkiii, I'm sorry you seem to have been misunderstood when you shared your dreams/thoughts the last time. I can understand that you don't feel too trusting of the medical people. However, as Total Eclipse said, just talk to your GP and make it very clear that you are NOT planning to act on these thoughts, but that you want a meds adjustment to stop the thoughts.
  6. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    If they were your intentions or merely what would never go beyond a simple dream, their first job is to ensure the safety or yourself and other people around you, so while you probably had no intention whatsoever of doing anything you told them, it was still enough to give them cause for alarm. I still say that since you are unhappy with your current level of care and treatment you are getting, you should discuss your options with your G.P. but you cannot let any doubts about your G.P. jumping to the same conclusion get to you, as long as you explain and ensure to them that you have no intention at all of harming yourself or anyone else. Besides, discussion it with your G.P. might be for the best, because it will mean that a review of the current medication you are taking could need to be reviewed and increased or decreased depending on what they feel.
  7. bjorkiii

    bjorkiii Member

    I am in the uk, the way it is here your gp refers you to a pyschiatrist or a mental health worker when you tell him what is going on in your head they say to your gp this patient seems to need this medication prescribed, once a week i see my social worker he asks how things are going . Things got to a point were i was not getting any sleep well i was scared from sleeping after having thoughts after my dreams . He was alarmed so contacted police in a way i can understand why he did to protect his job and in my view he overstepped what i told him in no way did i threaten anybody i just told him what was happening in the hope maybe he could have got me some help somehow. He seemed to me to totally overeact which led to me to being admitted to a mental health ward were i have already been admitted 3 times before in the last year. They have marginally changed my medication thats all during my assessment but there is no way i am or want to be admitted back to that enviroment but all i can see that telling my Gp is going to worry her she is going to get in contact with the mental health team . They are the ones in charge of my so called help ffs.
  8. Oceans

    Oceans Well-Known Member

    It does make it hard to trust when those we tell over-react. I am just wondering, how would you like to be helped?
  9. jnick

    jnick Well-Known Member

    Lots of shrinks suck because they do not understand mental illness and are scared of liability. I have OCD and have gone through tons of therapy. I dont tend to have violent thoughts, but used to enjoy roughing anyone up that fucked with me, just to reveal the truth. Many people with OCD have intrusive thoughts of hurting other people but dont act on it. I dont know exactly what you said, but if it was just along the lines of disturbing thoughts you might consider dropping the shrink. I quit mine and just said fuck it all. Although I dont recommend it. This will probably get edited my some moderator. Whats the point of a site like this if we cant have open dialogue? Oh well, I tried. Hang in there, its a twisted road we are on, with some real idiots in the way sometimes.
  10. Angel12

    Angel12 Active Member

    Shrinks suck because they do not care about their patients. All they want is money and, plenty of it.
  11. Angel12

    Angel12 Active Member

    Isn't a mental health professional a Doctor?
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