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Telling a therapist your thoughts

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I want to discuss some of the thoughts I am having with my therapist, but am concerned about the consequences that might happen, so I am looking for some advice from anyone with experience in this.

One concern is could I be forced on meds or into hospitalization?

Another concern is that I am a gun owner. I own several guns for different reasons - one of this is NOT to commit suicide, but I would be lying if I said I've never thought about using one of them. So my question is could I be forced to give up my guns. I know my therapist might suggest giving them to a friend or family member something like that, which I would be willing to comply to, but could I be forced to remove them from my home or not be allowed to purchuse anymore?


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I have told my therapist some of the most shameful and potentially self injurious things, and yes, he recommended that i see a pdoc for meds...and i am very glad i was honest...things are truly better, and my desire to kill/injure myself has decrease dramatically...please be honest with your t as this is the way s/he can best help you...about your guns, i have no clue, sorry, but i am sure s/he will do what is best to keep you safe...big hugs
I think you can only decide whats best for you, if you feel that it will help you in the long run to tell them, then by all means do it, its your personal choice, you should do whats best for you and what you feel comfortable

take care

vikki x
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