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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Rooftop, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Rooftop

    Rooftop Member

    Hi all. I know I'm not a big poster, but I do do a lot of 'lurking' - guess it's just reassuring that there are other people out there having similar experiences and coping. I've suffered from some sort of depression and have had suicidal feelings for a few years now, but I have never told anyone. Recently though it has been getting quite bad and it has been affecting my life more than usual - I've been barely able to sleep for weeks, my work is getting affected, and it seems so chronic, like it will get better but not go away. I will appear alright on the outside, but I will be dying on the inside. So this week I did something I thought I would never do, and try and get help. I've booked an appointment at the GP's next week. But I have no idea how I will describe my problem to the doctor. I'm also wondering whether to tell my parents before I go to the doctors. I'm currently single and my parents are the people I am closest to, and I would like them to know about my problems first, but I don't know whether I should make sure I actually have a problem etc before I tell them, and I'm not sure how they will react. So I guess I'm just asking for your thoughts on these issues.
    And thanks to everyone on the forum for being such a help to so many people.
  2. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    If you are feeling so bad then it's obvious you have a problem. You don't need a doc to confirm that. It's good though that you are reaching out for help with it. As for telling your parents I think only you can decide if that is a good idea. I couldn't answer because I don't know them so can't judge what their reaction would be. Personally I've told very few people how I feel other than here on the forum. That's where I've got more help from than anywhere. Maybe you should talk a bit more to people here. There is always someone willing to listen. Whatever you decide I hope it works for you. Best wishes.
  3. astella

    astella Well-Known Member

    Careful not to tell too many people, like any friends. I don't know if this happens to everyone, but the friend I confided in the most hates me now and I don't want anyone else to have such a horrible feeling.
  4. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Well, you could always tell your parents after you have seen the doctor, it wouldn't mean you couldn't confide in your parents before going to the doctor. Do what you feel is most comfortable to you.
  5. SpencerA

    SpencerA Well-Known Member

    i think it would be a good idea to tell your parents if you are close to them. the first time i seeked help from my gp i didnt tell anyone apart from my councillor but i abused my meds, i od'd on them when i was feeling awful but didn't take them regularly. because i still live at home my mum vmonitors my meds which i actually find helpful. though she seemed angry at first when i told her how i was feeling it was because she was frustrated that she didn't realise and thought it was her fault, so if you do choose to tell your parents id suggest bullet pointing what you want to say first so 1), you don't get stumped on what to say and 2), they don't blame themselves. it would also make it easier to tell your gp if you have told someone beforehand. you might find when you get to the doctors it all comes out anyway, i bawled my eyes out at my doctor even though i planned on rationally explaining to her how i was feeling, good luck xx
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