Telling the tale.

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    There is something wrong with you!

    You must be mad!

    You need help!

    You are so arrogant!

    Who do you think you are?

    There were a few occasions

    when he was forced onto the ropes

    and these were the punches

    that were thrown to floor him.

    They almost succeeded once or twice.

    The accusers had one thing in common

    they were envious of his obvious peace

    and so with cunning and vindictive malice

    they sought to destroy it along with him

    and all he'd strived and hoped for.

    The more proficient he became

    at ducking the punches

    the angrier they seemed to be

    and so he survived. He grew into something

    and someone they would never be.

    He is a survivor within whom there is no guile

    no bitterness and no hint of envy.

    When asked how he was he would always reply,

    ''contented and gratefully so'',

    because he'd experienced first hand

    the livid darkness of a discontented soul

    who knew no peace

    and he had survived to tell the tale.
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