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Temporary feel-better solution?

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Been a few weeks since I was on here. I have been very very pensive in that time and pretty much decided that I am on my way out. I say "pretty much" because I hope that something happens that will give me a reason to back out. But if none of the changes I've tried in the past year have made any difference, I can't see why that would randomly happen at this time.

My plan is to leave in a couple months, so that I have time to clear up many things, as I don't want to leave much crap for others to deal with. In the meanwhile, I would like some temporary help without going to a doctor. Are there any over-the-counter medications or foods that can help me feel a bit better just for a couple months? All I get/see is book recommendations and reading concentration is the last thing I have nowadays.



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You could look into St. John's Wort..
i hope somehow you can find a little hope.. get feeling a little better.. so you don't take your life..

If you need someone to talk to, feel free to say hello,
Take care,
Ally _%


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I'll check that out, thanks.

No, I fear the medical system here. I have no medical insurance, and I recently heard from a friend who's brother was on depression drugs and mentioned to his doctor that he was suicidal. The doctor told him that since he said that, he had to either call the cops to have him taken to a mental institute for evaluation, or have him do it voluntarily. He agreed to go by himself, so went to the mental health center to discuss the options. He backed out, but they would not let him leave then, so they took him in and held him for evaluation for 3 days. Holy crap! I couldn't imagine having to go through that, on top of my existing bad state of mind.


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That sounds good to me. I wish someone would lock me away for a bit. At least i'de get seen to. But I know where your coming from. What country are you from where they do stuff like that?

Maybe not tell them your suicidal then, but depressed?


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That happened to the guy in Texas (USA).

I'm a bit different than most people. I really need someone to talk to, yet I can't just speak with anyone. Strangers, essentially. I once went to a psychiatrist for work-related issues, on the advice of my doctor, and the psychiatrist was a crock. She kept asking me about my relationships and that I tap my feet a lot, rather than focusing on my work issues. After a handful of sessions, I gave up. Never got a bit of advice, nor suggestions. But I answered tons of questions. And I felt very uncomfortable speaking with a stranger about this. Actually I remember feeling uneasy like I was being investigated. She did not know how I felt, so there was no compassion either.

Add to that, that I am the type who generally hates taking drugs. Because I feel that the human body is quite amazing in its ability to deal with its own problems and somewhat because most drugs sound great at the start and later we find out about many side effects that the drug has, after it's too late to undo the damage. In some cases, we can use some external help from drugs and/or surgery, etc.

And then there's the whole thing about the costs when I don't have health insurance.

No, going to a doctor is not high on wish-list.

Now on this forum, I do get some advice, though biased. But somehow I feel that the people on here can better understand what I am going through, so I get some relief in the form of compassion.


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I know exercise is a natural way to boost those happy endorphines in your body, that should eleviate some of the depression, also diet can be very helpfull, afraid you would have to research that one.....thier are supplements like what was mentioned....the st. johns wart....but I would talk to your doc about comming off meds, it could have dangerous side effects...


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Everyone always recommends exercise, but it doesn't work for me. I've actually been exercising, but with less motivation nowadays, since won't have a future, so why bother? I'm not on any meds, and also no doctor. That's why I am looking for something OTC.
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