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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by The Depressed Puppy, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. The Depressed Puppy

    The Depressed Puppy Well-Known Member

    I'm really tempted to harm myself in someway,whether it could cutting, or more serious, I just really am having the urge to harm myself.
    But, right now I wanted to something more than just cut. I'm really tempted to OD right now. I don't really feel like living at all . But I also want to do it to be found, because I am really scared to tell someone.
  2. nothing.1

    nothing.1 Member

    Hey... You're found. I'm here ok? I know what you're going through right now I was in your position a while ago. I know I don't understand everything you're going through right now but if you want to talk about anything whenever you need to I'm here for you?
    Try to breath, put everything away lay on your stomach or back or shove your face into a pillow and scream your loudest maybe it'll help you? Just remember to breath in and out control your breathing and try to think about positive things. I know it's hard :( but I know you can do it, I'm here for you
  3. Itiswhatitis

    Itiswhatitis Active Member

    You don't have to be scared to tell someone. That's what we are all here for. We all want to have someone listen and understand . we are here for you. Talk to me. About anything you want.

    Talk to me
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