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Will anyone notice.... that my humor isn't just me fucking around? If I playfully swing over the edge of a building... or if I put the toy gun to my head with a smile on my face?
It just hits me... It always just hits me so badly. The thought has gotten so strong. "What is the point..." So many ask themselves. I don't think they ever get the right answers... and if they do life inevitably takes it away from them without regret.
Who is going to love the fat girl? Who is ever going to listen to the idiot in the corner of the room. no one wants to listen to people cause there all so angry inside themselves. Why don't we all just walk into the sea and never turn around again?


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hi and welcome...we are here to listen and support each other, removing the masks when we can, and cursing them when we cant...glad you found us, big hugs, Jackie


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I am really glad that you found us here. You have come to the right place.. I have been there numerous times in my life.. yeah, very tempting hon... I understand. yeah, it hits me badly too and yeah, what the hell is the point??

We will listen hon.. we are for yiou.. What is your pain that has hurt you so much? I know hon, that just being new here, it takes time to build up a trust..when hurt so very deeply.. Give us a chance okay? You will find that many ppl here who care deeply including me.. that will help you walk through what you are dealing with.. You didn't find us by accident.. you were meant to find us here.. I have lost 9 ppl close to me to suicide and many other losses no matter what age, due to illness or accidents, etc.....so death has always been a part of my life growing up sand I have been suicidal since I was young..(5) I can't tell you that it an easy road but finding SF helped saved my life.. the ppl who reached out to me and listen to me were and are very awesome.. I still struggle as it has always been a part of my life.. no, not afriad to do it.. but ppl here have been very supportive and have made wonderful friends here.. Please, hon, give us a chance.. I can't believe that I made it through all that I tried and went through in the past.. and I am here to tell you that ppl here really care.. We will listen to y9ou and be there for you.. Please talk to us.. lean on us.. feel free to PM me or anybody else you feel comfortable with.. we are here because we care and we have been there many times ourselves.. and understand your pain.. Please don't do anything right now, sweetie..

Are you seeing a T (therapist) or pdoc (psychiatrist)? Are you on any meds? Depression is hard do deal with and sometimes it is related to being herediatry, or chemical imbalance in the brain. most of the time, meds will help... can you elaborate more on why you feel in deep pain.. at little at a time if you don't feel liike sharing or hon.. it is okay.,. just hang out with us if you don't feel like talking about your pain right now.. We are really here for you.. Okay?? I remember when I first found this site.. yeah.. seriously going to make it right, dammit.. it was going to work and I would make sure (like I have in the past) my pdoc can't believe that I have made it through all of this, without any damage to my organs.. yet I do know others who also weren't so lucky, who survived, and it doesn't matter what method one uses sweetie.. doens't always work at all... I know ppl paralyzed, in vegatable state, left with damage to their organs, and have been in a coma, lingering on.. heartbreaking stuff.. yet, we really don't want to kill ourselves usually, we just want the pain to end that hurts us so deeply... I am really glad you are here..

Just remember, we are always here for you and please keep reaching out to us.. Okay???


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