Ten True Confessions

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10. I am very bad at writing my diary EVERY SINGLE DAY unless I feel completely crappy.

9. I bite my nails.

8. I know I own too many books than are good for me but I still can't stop buying them!

7. Ditto tops.

6. I do love my parents, but sometimes I don't like them very much.

5. I haven't cut since October 18th, but my mother thinks it's longer than that.

4. I am actually quite a good liar.

3. I borrow things from people and forget to give them back for months, or even years, at a time.

2. I once over-wrote a friend's CD-ROM of the Sims, then took it to WH Smith and lied shamelessly that it didn't work to get it replaced without me having to pay for a new one.


1. I've actually never kissed anyone.

Anyone else wanna chime in with ten confessions? :)
Ok, I can give it a try.

10. I can't sleep.

9. I live in a weird apartment with my roommate. We don't have any other doors that outdoor, toilet door and balcony door. I'ts simple, we share everything! (so I don't have to confess anything about my sex life :P)

8. I made a family in Sims2 of me and my dream partner. And our life is crappy, I'm an idiot and the scary thing is that I behave in the game quite same way than in real life.

7. I love O.C. I feel like Seth Cohen and he has some ideas that I've had years ago. He feels like me!

6. Ten is too many to confess.

5. Once I lost my car, just didn't remember where did I leave it. I laughed at myself later. Yesterday I lost my father's car, or I thought so. Looked for it everywhere, even in 6-floor parking hall. Then I called dad and he said that he drove me here and went home, car is safe there. I just seem to remember nothing at all.

4. I haven't seen my therapist for 2,5 weeks now, I'm going mental. And it was me who said "actually I don't need it".

3. I have used my holiday to break some ten years old records in 3D-tetris Blockout and playing Sims 2. How could my life be empty!?!

2. I was angry to my friends when they didn't want to go out with me, eat pizza and watch tv in the bar or go to movies etc. Instead I went with my mom!

1. I have new shoes.
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Okay, I'll give it a shot.

10. I listen/play loud music when I am angry/upset.

9. I have a hard time controlling my temper

8. I am having counselling behind my parents back

7. Every day I write in my diary until my hand just about feels like it's coming off.

6. I am a lot smarter than I let on to be

5. I am good at eavesdropping

4. I fiddle with things and sometimes break them

3. I can't swim

2. I am afraid of spiders

1. I read wayyyy too much for my own good!


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10. My family doesn't know I still cut.

9. I am only proud of one part of my ethnicity.

8. I hate how my parents dress.

7. I can sit and wait for hours for someone to answer on MSN.

6. I wish someone would truly love me.

5. I suffer from emetophobia.

4. I am way too paranoid.

3. I step on the scale everyday.

2. I want to have a best friend, IRL.

1. I have a crush on someone.



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10. I hate when people want my advice

9. I call everyone I don't know for idiots though I have no idea who they are

8. I usualy fantasize about placing a bomb in the mall next to my house

7. I hate George Bush

6. A little more then a year ago my father beat me up and told me to fuck off

5. I've never dared to even try suicide

4. I think I'm retarded

3. I would kill my parents for free

2. I believe in magic

1. I'm bisexuell ;-)
10. im vein
9. i hate spiders and bugs
8. i have faked every single sick day at work
7. i have the hiccups at the moment
6. i drink more than most guys lol
5. i use to be a stripper
4. i love the fact most people i know are jelous of me
3. when my parents told me to sell my bacause it was illegal for someone my age to have such a powerful car, i lied about selling it, its in storage lol
2. i still have the hiccups
1. i sleep too much


10.I don't like my friends,I actually hate most of them but just hang out with them in order not to feel lonely
9.I have been left by all my ex-girlfriends
8.I am stressed all the time but I fool everyone by playing cool
7.I dont think that anyone ever loved me in all my life,and this is completely true
6.I can't sleep most of the nights
5.My suicide is always my back-up plan...if everything fails I will kill myself
4.I am in love with someone but she has a boyfriend and she is using me in order to get things(money,adoration,friendship etc)
3.I hate my mother(and mainly my whole family)...she thinks I am sth like her "property" and the worst thing she does(after abusing me in the past) she makes me feel like a prisoner,and this will never change(I am 20 years old!!)
2.I am a lesbian and noone knows(except my exes)
1.I drink a lot at parties/holidays and clubs in order to soothe my pain


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10. I support the Nazis
9. I have been s/h free for more than two months, and solvent free for longer :)
8. i wish my private drama teacher/friend was my dad instead of the one ive got now
7. i have thoughts of killing my dad
6. i neva have one min go by wivout thinking of Nige :D
5. I used to be obsessed wiv wife-beaters on programmes (am no longer tho)
4. i break evrything! icluding two toasters, a wall (dont ask lol), a tv, two lamps, a smoke machine (long story) and a spotlight bulb, ask Nige he knows others! lol
3. i hated my skl friends
2. i would give up evry possession ever and evrything i own to be wiv Nige foreva
1. I listen to white nationalist bands but am not actually a supporter

well i would imagine a lotta hate coming my way after that lol but u sed true confessions!
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10 - I am very scared to ask girls out
9 - I hate most of my friends but for some reason i dont look for new ones (mabey because all the people at my school seem to be ass holes, including myself)
8 - I have some serious rage problems
7 - I am not the good person I wish i could be
6 - I dont belive that anyone can see the strife inside me (I could go to school with a gun to my head and everyone would just go on with their normal lives)
5 - I hate it when people argue
4 - My family is full of psychos and i cant wait to get some space once i turn 18
3 - I am the shield for a lot of people (because of my physical atributes a lot of people try to be nice to me so they think I will "have their back")
2 - I am so sick of the things in my life that i actualy feel sick to the stomach on some days
1 - I wish that one day i could just go crazy and do what i want to people like tell people how much i hate them and knock some people out breake some faces and tell people that i love them or that i yhink they are cool

solitary soul

1.I am bisexual
2.I get walked over by people alot
3.Despite the confession above, i can be quite bossy
4.I gave up drugs (apart from my meds) about 9 months ago, and have only slipped up once
5.I am really shy
6.I've attempted suicide 4 times
7.I am attempting to write a novel
8.I am slightly obsessed with Tori Amos
9.I still think i'm a teenager
10.I often have trouble controlling my anger


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1. I don't like my mother.

2. I don't like my family.

3. I sometimes oversleep and feed the animals late.

4. I don't brush my long haired dog enough.

5. I get really grumpy when my neck hurts.

6. People scare me.

7. I sometimes fear the dark.

8. I don't ride as much as I like.

9. I get depressed watching surfing movies because I don't get to surf as much as I like.

10. I'm good at seeing things people try to hide from me.



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1. If "emetophobia" is fear of throwing up, then I have it too.

2. I am too impatient with my kids.

3. Not one day ever goes by without my hating myself, and wishing I'd never been born, at least once.

4. I often feel that I love/trust/enjoy the company of my animals more than any people I know.

5. I clean houses for a living but my own home is a complete wreck (except for my den, which is an incomplete wreck).:biggrin:

6. I try hard not to judge or hate anyone but must admit that I don't regard most politicians as quite human or deserving of my compassion. (quite understandable, I think, given what the Shrub and Co. have done to the U.S. and the rest of the world:mad: )

7. I often feel more comfortable in my 'online life' than in my 'real' one - whatever that is.:blink:

8. I smoke like a chimney and don't want to quit, even tho I know how bad it is for me.

9. I often find it very difficult to complete a task before starting several others.

10. I procrastinate even when I don't have to...see, I put this confession off til last!

11. I have a lot more than ten confessions but will not confess them now.



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  1. i hate being round other people
  2. i've got a really bad anger problem though i dont hit anyone
  3. i want to hurt myself really badly but i never do
  4. i've thrown my life away
  5. i act as though i like, enjoy something but i dont
  6. i have sexual thoughts towards my best girl friend and she has no idea since im also female...
  7. i attempted suicide in april last year
  8. i shake through anxiety when no one's around
  9. i go to my car every breaktime and just scream
  10. people think (and just re-reading the above Im not suprised) that im a psycho but I'm not- just REALLY STRESSED OUT!!:mad:


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  1. I'm confused
  2. i still think about something that happened 4yrs ago though everyone thinks i dont- i should have dealt with it then but was far too stressed out
  3. i act normal but im actually quite scared
  4. ive been scared to go to work EVERY DAY though i do
  5. i've been scared to just leave the house
  6. I've been scared of men though havent realised it though nothing really that bad has happened
  7. im completely screwed up though not as much as some people think, well maybe
  8. im a freak
  9. im a lot more depressed then everyone thinks
  10. everyone is in a lot of danger round me because i want to go BALLISTIC at everyone but dont
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I only get to choose ten? Poopie... :sad:

10. I basically have a complete meltdown when someone says they're nauseous; if someone throws up near me, I'll join in. To block out the sound, I plug my ears and hum loudly. Can't help it.

9. The closest friends I've ever had turned on me when we entered sixth grade because I drew the bullies, and even now, nearly twelve years later, I don't trust anyone and have no social life...and I don't want that to change.

8. I can't lose weight.

7. I want sex, but won't seek it because I feel that I'm ugly.

6. I'm out of work and broke.

5. I have a strong dislike for the police (no offence to any police or relatives of them here), but I won't go into the reasons why; I will say that I've never been arrested.

4. I want to win the lottery so that I can move out, since I'll never get a job to enable me to escape my family.

3. I love coffee and tea...not just any tea, mind you, but loose tea you brew yourself.

2. All the real, long-term damage that's been done to me, I've done to myself in my twisted little brain; my life's only as bad as it is because I perceive it as such, but I can't help it.

1. As a cashier, I've fantasized about smacking customers and calling them derogatory names. Not all, or even most, but the real snobby ones. Heeheehee...


10. I pretend to care about my dad in order to have the advantage of free housing

9. I'm begining to hate my sister, the one person I would of done anything for for the past 6 years.

8. I hate having to be sociable, hate most my friends and wish I could be satisfied with being alone all the time.

7. I love the fact that everyone I'm friends with adores me and uses me as their role model, but i pity them for it.

6. I watch too many films for my own good.

5. I write screenplays to create a better reality for myself but it is always filled with tragedy and I always die at the end.

4. I feel too unstable to drink and take drugs often when me and my friends get hammered so i have to pretend in order to feel more comfortable.

3. I know I'm definitly clever enough to make a luxury life for myself but i can't be bothered to make the effort.

2. I turn into a quivering mess everytime needles are mentioned.

1. My main aim in life is to die in an accident with my mum by my side after a happy reunion.

any thoughts would be helpful please pm me any time because i really am questioning my sanity after reading my 10 confessions.
10. I have ambitions and want to work towards them, but part of me thinks i don't deserve it.

9. My parents have no idea that i'm a self harmer.

8. My parents don't know about my boyfriend because if they did they wouldn't be happy.

7. Everyday when i look in the mirror i hate what i see.

6. The slightest thing winds me up and the slightest thing makes me want to harm myself.

5. I have a huge fear of the dentists. Whenever i walk past the surgery and hear the drills i feel like i'm going to pass out. The thought of going to the dentist makes me panicky.

4. At times i can't sleep during the night because i keep thinking someone is after me.

3. I get jealous watching movies of the perfect family with the perfect house with the perfect jobs and perfect lives.

2. I hug my dog because even though he isn't human, it's good to feel someone in your arms.

1. My only real friends are the ones i've made online.


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  1. i'm scared of the future
  2. i think ive been exaggerating my symptoms to get sympathy though i may have been right all along
  3. im scared of getting better and have no idea how best to achieve this
  4. im scared of the effect all this has had on my body
  5. im scared of going to the doctors
  6. i want ppl to feel sorry for me because i dont know how else to start relationships and because ive had a bad time and think i deserve it
  7. ppl say "be good to yourself" but i have no idea how to do this.
  8. ive been scared to go out the door most days
  9. i feel SO ashamed and embarrased that the incidents that have happened to me, happened though none of this was my fault- well partly.
  10. ppl say im intelligent but im not- im a pretender to the throne- i just read history books to impress ppl, well i do enjoy some of it.


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1 I believe people are listening in to my thoughts
2 I dont want to get better
3 i think im infertile
4 I have a recurring dream of ripping the flesh from my arms from my wrists to my elbows
5 I pull out my own hair when im not allowed to self harm
6 I forget to brush my teeth at least once a week every week -_-
7 I am almost always cold
8 I believe my blood is made of soil and water
9 I wish I was sicker than I am
10 Ive only actually attempted suicide twice.

I guess yall hate me now but nvm


1. i am looking forward to dying
2. i hate and love the attention i get from others when they find out
3. i say i hate cats when i kind of like them
4. i feel i have to buy things for people to have them be my friend
5. i smoke, but what the hell i am already dying
6. i love my sister, but can't stand being around her
7. i hate school, but want to be better educated
8. i sucked my thumb until mid way through high school
9. i used to wear ladies underwear, not because i am wondering about my gender, but because i longed to be with a woman
10. i am jealous of everyone that has someone special and feel bad when they don't even know it or care that they have someone special

how is that for a strange and revealing list?
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