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Tentative hello

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Hi everyone,
I'm not even sure why I go through the motions of this... I stumbled across the site looking for quite different articles, as I'm sure many did. I'm 34, she/her, and not in the best headspace. Currently on a somewhat self-destructive bender and ambivalent about where that takes me, but... meh. Some facts: Living with cats and many books like a sad cliche, long history of depression and self hate. Likely to be mostly lurking, I am terrible at talking about my feelings but it's sometimes good to just be around people who might understand what it's like to really not be okay, so I hope no one minds me just... sort of looming in the background. Trying to decide if I'm feeling safe currently or want to.
Hope people are doing okay. Maybe I can in time at least do some good by listening to others.


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Sorry to hear of your troubles. . . But don’t worry about feeling like you’ve got to say too much (of anything). Just take it slow—there’s lots of different areas around to see what might make you feel most comfortable or at home (I’m good at repeating myself, sorry, it’s a habit!) ;)
I like the coffee house & the game room, but there are many others, and for different interests and pursuits - (trivial, as they may be!) hA..;) I crack myself up, always said I’m my own best audience.
anyway, don’t hesitate to ask anybody any questions if you need to, okay 👌?
Me! :D


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Hi MsMurphy, I found the forum in a similar way, you're in good company here. I live with my cat and probably far too many books so we also have that in common. You'll find this place is rather unique. You can share as little or as much as you want at your own pace, no pressure. Take a look around. Maybe join the live chat if that's more your speed. I hope you stick around and find some people you can relate to.


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Welcome MsMurphy.

I'm pretty new too and not really sure what I'm looking for but have so far felt great about sharing my thoughts with people and just feeling I'm not alone with that need. I hope you'll find you're not alone with whatever you're going through and can benefit from this as I have so far.
Thanks to all of you. This so far seems like one of the most welcoming places I've seen around... and I'm sure I'll be able to appreciate that more when I'm less of a mess than currently.
@Nick Give your cat a cuddle for me? Just because every cat should have as many as they want.
@MisterBGone Ironically it was pointed out (again) to me only the other day that I need a lot of repetition for things to sink in. So to me that's really not a bad thing..


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Hi @MsMurphy, if you’re stumbling upon a place this is probably theee good place to stumble upon. i did that a few years ago and didn’t even realize it for about three months. i think its fine to stay in the background if it feel right for you and maybe soon you will be comfortable. there’s a great chance that there are many here who share similar situations and feelings and i think you will find very caring support. for me, I have good days and then bad days. i think its the nature of the beast. so many ways to make life more manageable and even though on line seems like its not “in real life” - here on SF, it is. I hope to be seeing you around. 😊🌞👽
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