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    Do you ever feel like if you were watching yourself from the outside you would be screaming at yourself the way you want to at the girl in the horror movie who goes to investigate the creepy noise in the house without turning on any of the lights?
    Sometimes I wonder whether I lock myself away from people because of the social anxiety or because my subconscious is very sensibly informing me that it is for my own damn good because frankly I am not safe to be let near people. I'm actually like the child who thinks they can climb the stairs and doesn't notice that actually they could well be about to break their neck. The me looking in at my life is yelling her head off, screaming "seriously? what the hell are you thinking??" and the worst part is that I can actually hear her and still manage to ignore her completely and carry on my own merry way making a complete carnage of my life and making myself look like a prize knobhead in the process.
    Honestly. It's worrying.
  2. total eclipse

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    ya i have that internal voice too hun i don't know why it is so hard to not just listen to it and keep ourselves safe hugs to you
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    I have social anxiety too, and sometimes I just want to live alone where nobody will bother me. I'm pretty sure If I was looking at myself, I would just scream at me, for all that has happened. But I think we all want to do that sometimes.