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Terrible Life

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by ansdr, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. ansdr

    ansdr Well-Known Member

    Im not sure of what life has to offer me anymore. I have many insecurities like how i look because all my life people told me i was ugly. And now its like everybody who i cared for left out my life. The only person i have is my mom and its not that im unthankful but i want someone else. Me and my mom have very differant opinions on certain things and we tend to argue. The girl who i used to have a crush on i messed up with. 1st was when i texted her online and she found out it was me, i was trying to remain annonymous, so then i looked like a loser. Then i wrote her a note later which i know was dumb. Then after she rejected me i missed her so much i went for her sister. And her sister turned out to be a horrible person. Now its like everyone who laughed at me and were cruel to me are living good while i get nothing. I talked to much more girl later on but it all led to nothing. Now i feel like i screwed up my high school year, im a junior im suppose to be the guys thats liked ,thats how i imagined it. I know its just high school but im not out yet i still have a long time to go altough it may not seem like it. Now i wish i could just say sorry to that girl, apologize for the note that i wrote and going for her sister. Then maybe i wouldn't feel so much like a loser when i see her. But what if she doesn't want to listen to what i have to say anymore. Its hard because i just wish i could go back and change things, i don't want this to be my life right now. Every time i go to be i pray i can wake up as someone else. But i can't. Im all alone with no family little friends, and a messed up high school year. Not to mention i might be ugly.
  2. RichardT

    RichardT Member

    Your not ugly man....We are all beautiful. It is a life lesson to try to learn to be comfy in your own skin.....Do you know how attractive we can come off to women if we just exude confidence and security? Just love yourself! God loves you,.....we all love you. Your mom loves you....You have food, water, air, a warm bed,....you have many many thinks to love and enjoy! Work on loving yourself, and finding the things you like about yourself.....Whenever you feel low or "ugly" or like you want to be someone else, just take deep slow breathes, relax, and tell yourself how much you love yourself, and how much God loves you ,your mom loves you,......your fine, it's just high school. When you are out of high school you will see how silly it was...Just be positve with yourself and enjoy it. ...Really! If you can start to relax and get comfortable in your own skin and project an air of calm confidence, the girls will come....And so will the freinds...It all starts with being happy and comfy with yourself...Once you get there, then people will be drawn to your bright light. Also, who cares what people think! Are you going to live your life worrying about what you think people might be thinking about you? Come on! If anyone is thinking crappy things about you, it is not worth your time and thought, and ruining your potential!
    Plus, what kind of relationship do you think you would get with someone, while you have such low self esteem? They will either walk all over you, or you will smother them and rely on them for your happiness, which will just make the relationship self destruct. Honestly. I wish someone would have told me this when i was your age. Nothing will work well, or go well, until you get happy with you, and love yourself...Talk to God, think about all the things you like about you...You like you! Deep down you know you are amazing! Don't let all the negative F'rs of this world make you think otherwise...Anyone who tries to make you feel ugly or stupid is just doing it because they are unhappy and need someone to let out there pain on...You are an amazing creation! Start acting like it! Plus you should start researching candida/parasties/heavy metal cleanses....good multi vitamin, eating healthy, eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar...filtering water......Your bodies health plays a HUGE roll in brain function...Most of us all have high levels of candida, parasites, metals...not enough nutrients(which needs a good multi).....Start holding your head up high and loving yourself, and researching candida/parasites/heavy metals cleanses,...multi vitamns, liver support(milk thistle), digestive enzymes....It's all a good start. I wish someone was there to tell me these things long ago...I had to figure out all these things on my own, and go through years of lost potential....I hope you trust me and go with my advice and check out those cleanses and supplements and work and research on how to boost your low self esteem and love yourself...Life is work. Getting healthy and happy is work, but what are your options? Work to get happy and healthy or be sad and lost for life....The knowledge is all out there..Be independant and start educating!Take care of yourself! And remember, people love you, God loves you, you are not a loser or ugly....LOVE YOURSELF!!
  3. SoulRiser

    SoulRiser Well-Known Member

    Apologize to her. Write a letter if you have to. Even if she doesn't respond or care, you'll at least know that you did the best you could to make it better.

    Oh, and ... ignore any person who ever tells you you're ugly. They said that about me all the time, and they called me stupid too. They were wrong. They're probably wrong about you too.