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    im sorry for double posting about this, but i feel like this may get a little more attention if it is in a new thread.

    I saw a psychiatrist on monday to discuss some medication. as soon as i walked in and before he even closed the door he started: "heart disease, seizures, diabetes?"
    i felt like saying "im good, thank you. how are you?" but oh well. some people are not as empathetic as others, no huge deal.
    however, the entire time, i felt that he was ignoring what i told him, he did not listen to me at all. i had to tell him everything 3 times, he kept telling me that my insurance would cover this and that and i repeatedly had to tell him that i didnt have insurance. (im being seen on a probono basis)
    when he asked me about my childhood i told him my mother died. 2 minutes later he asks me "so, why did your mother leave you?"
    i told him that i have no ballance in my life bc i have no interest in doing anything anymore, i feel debilitated and like i cannot enjoy anything. that leads to me having nothing enjoyable to ballance out the obligations in my life that are school and work. he took this as me worrying about balancing school, work, and my personal life and "DIAGNOSED" me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder 50 minutes into the appointment............... no? dont have that? dont meet the criteria whatsoever? never felt anything like that before...

    he also prescribed me prozac. at first, he wanted to give me lexapro (which i found out is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder), but when i asked him out of curiosity why he thought that specifically lexapro would be good, he said "oh, no reason. its just newer. but you can take prozac too if you want. ill give you 10 mg of prozac." (I guess he decided that i dont have GAD after all? i dont know lol) i told him i needed the generic version to which he responded again that my insurance would cover it lol

    i feel so let down and disappointed. he did not discuss the risks and side effects with me properly, ignored everything i said to him, did not take any of my concerns into consideration, and just gave me any random brain chemistry altering medication, bc why the fuck not. just take prozac, your insurance will cover it. if you die, please seek medical help immediately.
    now im sitting here with this prescription (i did not buy it) that i was given by someone who knows 0 about me bc he ignored everything. how can i possibly in my right mind take this?
    all my information i got online and everywhere it says discuss this with your doctor, take this medication if your doctor believes it is the right choice. but this asshole just gave me whatever. im really upset right now, bc i dont know what to do. i find myself wanting to quit my job and drop out of school, just quit everything. its so hard to function. i had hopes that medication would help me with the motivation and joylessness. then maybe i would have a little more balance in my life and the stress as well as aggression and frustration would subside. but all these side effects....that were not discussed with me! i told him i have irregular heart beat and he totally ignored that too. it says do not take if you have irregular heart beat of take medication that may cause it. im also a cake decorator and cant afford to have tremors. i cant do my work if i have tremors. he said that does not happen with SSRIs but its one of the first ones on the list!!! what the fuck?! i feel like he withheld information from me like the fact that young adults up to 24 have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior. im 23. he said that was only the case with children. i specifically asked him about young adults and he said there was NO risk.

    i feel really left alone with this
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    i have to add that im losing faith in mental health professionals. i now have 3 diagnosis from different people: borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder, which i can only agree with the last one. its pretty ridiculous. they just throw random disorders at me like its candy
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    Some docs are like that in every speciality.

    Psych Meds are not to be trifled with especially if you require fine motor skills in your job.

    maybe 2nd visit will be better or you can just find a different doc
  4. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Did you bring paperwork from other docs?
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    i'm definitely not going to see that guy again. they have one other psychiatrist at that place, which my therapist offered to have me see in a month. if i dont get a better feeling from that appointment, im not going to consider medication, bc i just think that with something like that you need to really trust the person who prescribes it.
    believe it or not but the BPD diagnosis was eaten by my dog haha in all seriousness. she shredded my records lol along with her own records and every shoe and sock i own. but it was a half ass diagnosis anyway. i was just handed this folder one day with that label in it, together with some symptoms, i think, and a prognosis. nobody even spoke to me about it, i dont even know who the person was who signed it. and half of someone else's ADHD diagnosis was stapled to mine. so i dont have too much faith in that place. i did mention that previous diagnosis to the psychiatrist though.
    the major depressive one was made by the therapist im seeing right now. they work together at the same clinic so im assuming that their supervisor will look into that maybe and notice that they have differing opinions. she told me her diagnosis when i told her that he had given me GAD, so unless it showed up in their computer system, he probably didnt know about it. my therapist told me that she was going to talk to her supervisor about the guy and what i told her about the appointment.
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    Glad to hear you're not going back to that 'doc' (and I use the term loosely)!!! He sounds more like a wanna be doc, and a poor impersination of one at that.

    I've finally reached a point in my life (wish I had seen to do this sooner) that if I can see I'm not being heard I'll simply walk out. There's no point in wasting my time if no one is listening - especially 'professionals' (the ones who SHOULD and NEED to be listening). It's important for them to take everything they can into consideration, so they can make the most educated opinion possible. It's obvious this guy didn't even come close to doing that, so I don't blame you for being leery of taking that med. I don't think I would, either, until I got a more competent opinion and one where I've been heard.

    As far as not having medical coverage, have you tried applying for Medicaid? Assuming you're in the states, I know, at least in my state, even if you work it doesn't mean you wouldn't qualify for it. In my state (don't know about elsewhere) if you're working they'd just have you pay a tiny monthly amount if you are working, and they only have you pay it every 6mon so it's not anything too overwhelming and don't have to worry about doing it monthly. That could really help in having more choices as to where to go for assistance, too.

    Hope things go smoother and better from this point forward!!

    All the best!
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    I had a bad experience with one psychiatrist as well. He just didn't understand or wouldn't listen to what I was trying to tell him. It really upset me and I never went back to him.
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    exactly, rhinolady. someone in that field needs to really listen to their client bc they have no other information to go off of! they cant run tests, they have to listen to what i tell them is happening. i also think that since you make yourself so vulnerable to someone by telling them whats going on in your life and your symptoms that they should be at least somewhat empathetic. i mean, you have to be able to open up. i didnt even tell him that i disagreed with his "diagnosis" bc i felt disappointed and defeated in the end. i felt like i lost a lot of faith in mental health worker that day. i know i shouldnt generalize but there definitely is a certain level of skepticism.

    im sorry you had to experience that too, AAA3330. did you ever go to another one after that? and if so, was that any better?

    im not eligible for medicaid unfortunately. i looked into it :/ i dont want to disclose too much information about myself here, but its definitely not bc of my income. my therapist is great though :) im quite happy at this place, with the exception of this psychiatrist guy.

    thank you everyone! :)