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Terrible things happened today


I'm a pretty young person, still living with my parents, too young to move out and live on my own.

I've been struggling with depression for the past 4-5 years of my life.

Everything started in middle school when my parents started fighting and I was getting bullied in school. But recently (about 1.5 years ago) things started to calm down.

My parents were usually acting supportive towards me and gave me all the professional help i needed.

Today I visited a psychiatrist beacuse my mental health have been going downwards again for the past 2 months. The psychiatrist told me that maybe i should stay in a hospital for a while.

After i came back home my parents got really angry because of that whole hospital thing.

We started arguing.

After we ended arguing i decided to close myself in my room.

But then my dad came back.

He came upstairs to my room and found out that the door was closed. He started screaming at me so I started screaming back.

He tried to brake in using a different key and it was not going well. So he said the will kick open the door so i will not be able to close myself in my room anymore. And he did kick the door open.

We got into a fight im not afraid of losing my life so i told him that we can fight to death if he wants to.

He backed off after that.

I ran off to my friends house.

My mom is texting me to tell her where i am or else she will report a missing person to the police and i told her that i will report domestic violence to the police

I dont know what to do now i wanted to commit suicide for a long time now

And i have a feeling that maybe i shouldnt go back to my parents house and just kill myself right know


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Ending your life isn't the answer. But I'm sorry for the stress and trauma you had to deal with today. could you talk to just your mom about this, since it seems that your dad would only become aggressive again? Or how about a school counselor that could then talk to you and your parents?
Sorry that you're going through this

Your parents don't have any reason to be angry with you for being in the hospital. It seems like your parents are not aware of how their own violent and aggressive behaviors are causing problems.

I don't know what country you are in, but there may be some domestic abuse/violence resources, and child abuse resources that could help you.

For the moment, getting through the next few hours and days while keeping you safe is the main thing. A suicide crisis hotline, like Samaritans or others might be helpful (I think they even have a text or email service), and we can also try to help you through this.

It might be best for you to stay with your friend if you can for the time being. Some form of family counseling or other intermediary may be necessary to lower tensions.

If things can just calm down, you'll probably feel a whole lot better and be glad that you didn't do anything rash.



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Sorry to hear you're going through such difficulties. If things are really bad at home, it might be best for you to report the violence at home and move into another family member's where you'll be safe x


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Hi @idontknow_ It sounds like you're frightened because of the way your father reacted to the news. I'm curious if you had a friend in this situation, what would you say to him or her? You'll always have a place here to share your thoughts and feelings. We're here for you. And we're glad to have you here?

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