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im terrified

i turned on my fone today 4 the 1st time in ages and had a loadsa txts from sum1 who wants me dead

her and sum1 else hav been plottin 2 kill me. im so scared they r gonna send a bomb to my house

i could handle it when i realised all the people who want me dead coz i didnt realise they were plottin. now i no they r plottin i cant take it

im terrified but i hav no1 2 talk to so im just sittin and panickin

they left me alone 4 a bit why start contact again

i cant take it


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Don't worry sweetie, they seem like cowards just sending threats to you by text, I'm sure they're just kids and are just out to scare someone, ignore them and they'll probably get tired.

Plus if they've been "after" you for soo long they would have done something by now.

Have they?

Sa Palomera

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I can't even imagine how you must be feeling, but I don't think they're really gonna do something to harm you like that, numba10. It doesn't really sound like that, though I can understand why you are afraid of it, because it is a sick and scary thing to act the way they do. :sad:

If you ever need a talk or anything, feel free to drop me a pm. I'm here for you :hug: :hug:
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