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    Scared and lonely. There's not much else to say. I get yelled at for doing things wrong and I get yelled at for doing things right. It makes no sense but it's true, I have no reason to lie. In fact today was terrible, I felt so closed off from feeling it was unbelievable! I got yelled at this morning for cutting something wrong, I can't hang out with anyone for two months because I didn't let them put down my window! A window and he threatened to kill me! Maybe he was joking but you don't say that over a freaking window! Agh today just sucks I want it over with and I want it over with now
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    I'm sorry to hear of your sorrows... Perhaps you can find some new, more supportive & friendly company? You don't need people yelling at you for things you didn't mean to do to upset them. That's no way to live! Try to get out of the situation so that you can take away the fear. Because that's not what you deserve. Peace!
  3. Silently-Hated

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    I don't have anyone supportive n my friendly company has been terminated...