Testing my compassion

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  1. Sadeyes

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    Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, the other person wants to be antagonistic...I admit, although it is something I am working on, I do get angry if the exchange feels wasteful...why is it so important to some to be 'right'? and why am I unable to show greater compassion during these times? I know it is a part of being human, but in these instances, I feel I fall so short...I guess I am a work in progress, but these times are the ones where I feel so imperfect...guess I need to stay here longer to learn this lesson...in peace, J
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    I saw a quote once by the Dalai Lama which said that when he sometimes loses his temper at people like the Chinese authorities, it makes him think of how he still must try harder to work on compassion. That puts you in some pretty good company. We all still have room for improvement. Some people unfortunately come along and they do seem to have the knack of testing us. :hug:
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    You are so right...we know nothing is mastered unless tested...and I am not happy when I feel anger instead of sadness in these instances...and yes, in the movie, 10 Questions To Ask HH DL 14, he talked about this...thanks for reminding me, in peace, J