tethered (potentially triggering)

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    You lie in my drawer, praying on all of those bad days to bring me closer to you
    I listen to you silently sobbing my name.

    We are friends, you and I.
    You've always got my back.

    When I feel weak at heart, you feel it too.
    When I sleep the days away, you understand.

    I see you every day now, I tell you what's wrong.
    I complain about my friends, and you numb out the rest.

    You are now a part of my DNA.
    I can't split from you, not even if I tried.

    Tethered. Like a ball to a pole.
    Tethered. Like a teenager to her cellphone.
    Tethered. You and I.

    I truly am eternally alone.
    You're all I have left.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.