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  1. nagisa

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    To say your name under my breath
    Is to feel the slide of your fingers against my skin
    To know that my mind and soul can bring
    My body a brief sense of relief

    You stir in me, feelings that cause me to resemble a child
    To bounce about in a hyperactive frenzy, or more often
    To bury my head in my hands and curl into a ball
    At the mere mention of your name, or glimpse of your face

    Your happiness is my happiness; your sadness is my sadness
    My heart breaks at the thought of you in any pain
    I want to fight for you, I want to protect you
    I want to show you everything you are to me

    I would do anything to be with you, to stand in awe of your beauty
    I’d run my fingers down your silhouette and as tears stream down my cheeks
    Whisper “I love you” in your ear, though I’ll know you don’t feel the same
    I’d fall to my knees in the midst of the agony of unrequited love

    You’ve become my world, my reason for getting up in the morning
    You’re my sole inspiration, why I want to learn and explore
    You have me, heart, body, mind, and soul
    You are every reason for every step I take

    But all I am to you is text on a screen

    - Courtney
  2. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    There are times this is so true. Well written Courtney.
  3. nagisa

    nagisa Chat & Forum Buddy Staff Alumni

    Thank you. :)
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