Texted my ex

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    What was i thinking? Why did i do that? We had such a terrible break, and our relationship was so beyond unhealthy and i had blocked her number for so long. And today i texted her. The only reason i texted her was to be my usual weird self because me sister gave me a pink starburst and somewhere in the back of my memory bank i remembered her saying that was her favorite starburst color. So i texted her. she didn't know who it was which i found quite strange because i figured she would've at least recognized the area code. but i told her it was Katie and she replied "please dont text me" so i didn't write back. But i thought it would be okay to text her because we had been fine talking on msn and she even wished me a belated happy birthday. So, it came as quite a suprise to me that she would reply that way. But in the same sense I should've known better. I wonder if i'll ever learn
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    :hug: Sorry that happened to you, I've been there, sort of, and it's not a good feeling.
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    Hey Kat.
    Do you remember me?
    It's Kaylyn.